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Welllllll this is the public blog, so the things written here should be more-or-less stomach-able. ;) So I guess this is where I say the mandatory line:

This blog documents the thoughts and growth process of:
A free soul roaming the world in search of some meaning to life.

Pretty sure that's not the exact way I phrased it when I had my old blog skin but WTV HAHA.

Oooooh wait I think I wrote it as "lonely soul" instead of "free soul". But hey guys I've grown out of that emoshitz phase already alright ;)


人生就是要盡情地瘋 / I am a free soul.

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Friday, December 30, 2016 @ 5:59 AM
Today, I learnt that there are no ear plugs as good as my a-Jays 5 in-ear earphones x_x

I swear they manage to block out the sound of a whole room full of snoring males almost completely - to the extent that they feel like they are not in the same room as me!

Absolutely wonderful.



Ah, just read one of my previous posts. The one detailing my day in Prague in somewhat not-too-shabby English. And in response to that last line about me wanting to know my results for Japanese and Korean - well, I did really well :) A+ for both! Well done, Hui Ting. And it's not like I want to boast or anything but my GPA for the semester was 4.92 haha. One A- from Microbiology. But I guess I kinda expected to get one A- for one of my bio mods. Surprised that I got A+ for Physiology. Mildly pleased that I managed to get an A for Biochemistry II, especially when the other CNYang bio peeps were complaining about their grades for that subject on our chat. A for ethics. And I guess that's all that matters :) The things that I put effort into, I have reaped the rewards for. Ah well. Of course this may not mean that I will be able to excel in my career next time, yada yada. But permit me to be proud of my results, for myself, and not for anyone else. Not to boast, nor to use it to show that I am superior to others, nor to validate my worth. Merely for myself, in this moment right now. As a record for my weary brain too. Haha.

It's almost like me wanting to keep a record of that time when Mrs Foo called my name in front of the entire auditorium of J2 Bio students in Hwa Chong, to praise me, because I managed to score a near-perfect score for our Prelims Bio MCQ (only one wrong).

I am a sucker for compliments, I know. But you do know that already, don't you :)

Alright, see you around! It's almost time to return home. And the year is coming to an end too, which means it is almost time for the mandatory end-of-year reflection as well. I wonder if I will type it or write it out. I'll see my mood, I guess :)

Yeah that's all then, good night! :)
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016 @ 5:28 AM
Today, I am content to just sit here, alone in this eight-room dorm, listening to Naruto soundtracks. Content to just eat my 2.50 euros mochi (which has hardened from the dryness, and which is not fresh haha; I have obviously eaten much better mochi, but it doesn't matter here, because what I crave for is the taste of something familiar). Content to eat my not-so-salty chashu ramen alone. Content to walk past the crowd of people outside Club Bassy near our hostel, after I've finished my hot bowl of ramen.

Content to be alone. :)

And I can play music straight out from my laptop without worrying about disturbing others.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016 @ 6:54 AM
또 만나요!
Today has been a phenomenal day. Woke up in the morning and lay in bed for one hour, slacking a little (also because I couldn't really go back to sleep either due to the noise). And then I went to walk around before heading to my castle tour :)

Took the tram number 12, alighted at a stop which seemed to lead me to a garden where there is allegedly a great view of the old town, and I strolled casually in whichever direction I wanted. Discovered a fruit shop on my way to the garden and bought an apple for only - OMGGGG - 5 korunas?! How is that even possible haha (recall that 1 SGD ~ 18 korunas). So I was happy. And I walked towards the garden. Watched a man play fetch using a frisbee with his dog in the park. Felt really happy and at ease with nature haha. And then decided to continue on a little further, before crossing the bridge and heading into the old town again.

I was ready for lunch at this point in time, and in my head there was still that lovely soup I saw online which the website really recommended people who travel to Prague to eat, because that soup is undoubtedly a part of traditional Czech cuisine. And so I checked out the places to eat it at! Found that one of the restaurants recommended was near me, so I walked towards there. The server told me that they were fully booked at first, but I was persistent and asked if there was takeaway available. Upon knowing that I was only interested in tasting the soup... She told me that she could give me a table, but only for one hour. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

The soup came. Within quite a short period of time. And from the moment the spoon touched my lips, I was in heaven. Shit. It was the best damn thing I've ever tasted in my life so far, haha. I thought the creaminess of the soup will make me sick of it after a while (this was before I tasted it), but even though the soup was creamy, it was sour (sour in a nice sense! Like sweet and sour's sour is a nice kind of sour too) due to the vinegar present in it and so one will not get sick of it even after having many mouthfuls. And the mushrooms, gosh. And potatoes. Damn. Kulajda. I will remember this name, haha. Dill soup. At Cafe Imperial in Prague. I will remember it. And bring people back there someday to eat it :)

Finished every last drop of the soup to the best of my ability (without licking the bowl hahaha) and then went out. Still had space for some food in my stomach, so I ate grilled cheese from the Christmas market nearby. And the grilled cheese tasted like a sausage LOLLLL the texture and saltiness and chewiness really feel like a sausage o_o And I asked for some jam/compote on top too and so it was nice :) Then bought a Christmas cookie (ok-ok) and a pecan macaron (it was good!!) and started on my way to the meeting place for the Prague castle tour. Bought yoghurt on the way (some berry yoghurt with chocolate biscuit balls as topping and it was quite good too) and then went to the square.

The Prague castle tour was great :D I loved knowing more about the history of Czech Republic, and the Czech people. And the guide was wonderful too. Had a break during the tour, and we were free to go roam the Christmas market present inside the castle - yes, you heard that right, there is a Christmas market inside the castle grounds - and I had hot chocolate (I think it was the best hot chocolate I've had so far, even better than the one in Paris, because this one feels just like melted chocolate omg it was good, and not too bitter too). Went to the golden lane within the castle and found a souvenir shop selling the most interesting bookmarks. Bought three of them LOL even though one cost 5.50 euros. But haha I was really taken by them. Two were for myself, one for Jaslyn whose 21st is coming up heh. Would have loved to buy more for my friends but then again I felt like I had to save a little bit more money and so in the end I didn't O: Ah well! Haha. I will buy some Haribo berry flavours for them I guess :P

Yeah. And then finished the tour. Felt like I learnt so much more about how wacky and funny the Czechs are as well, how they dgaf in many situations HAHA especially that artist David-something. Hoho.

Came back to hostel, packed my stuff, met Hyun Ah in the bar downstairs for free dinner along with the Australian circus peeps, and met two new people - a guy from Laos who studies Geology in Portugal now, and a guy from Japan who teaches Computer Science in a not-so-famous university in an area 1.5h away from Tokyo. Interesting. Then Shiori (the Jap girl who's the same age as me and who studies theatre in London) came (cuz we were supposed to eat steak together!) and a Brazilian dude came too along with the Canadian girl who kinda fell sick and whom I gave a packet of ginger tea to) and then we went for dinner, at the restaurant beside this hostel. Greatttt we all ordered different dishes! And there we realised that the pork here in Czech Republic is seriously awesome. Soft, moist, juicy. Not dry and hard like the pork chops in Singapore. Gosh.

It was good :) And then we parted ways. Here I am now sitting in my top bunk again, typing in this blog. But I feel like I have made new friends. Will definitely be meeting Hyun Ah again once we get back to Singapore :) So I feel like at least one of these relationships will last, after all. And when Shiori reached the hostel today, she hugged the both of us O: And before she left just now, we hugged too. And I feel like some sort of deeper relationship has been formed there? x) Maybe I can visit her next time then, when I go to Japan. And when I can speak better Japanese and can communicate better :))) Alright!

Kkay I guess that's all. It's time to go to bed haha. Gotta wake up early tomorrow x( And tomorrow is results day LOL but okay it's not like I really care that much about it. Am just interested to know how I did for Japanese and Korean. The rest are not essential :) Alright! Good night! See you again :)
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Sunday, December 25, 2016 @ 6:25 AM
Czech Republic
Dear blog, can you believe this? As I am typing this, I am sitting on the highest bed of a three-level bunk in Sir Toby's Hostel in Prague. And Czech Republic has been amazing so far. There is so much that I don't know about it! I am so impressed! Why have I not known this country until this year? Hahaha. And the food and cost of living here is really inexpensive as well, compared to the rest of Europe. Her history and people are fascinating too. I want to know their stories. I want to read up about the country and its culture. This is so wonderful :)

But anyway, yes. I am at the top bunk! Of a three-level bed! I can't believe it! And the bed is so stable as well, with metal corners being nailed to the walls. The whole place just feels so... I wouldn't use the word cosy, because it is not exactly small, but rather, maybe the atmosphere is cosy :) The receptionist was so friendly. And the free Christmas dinner was great. With only 1 euro for a half litre of beer! This is crazy. I can't believe it. 1 euro = 1.50 SGD. What in the world. No wonder why people tend to drink more when they are here.

I love being on the top bunk. It feels like I am on the top of the world, and people can't really see what I am doing as well. In cases like this, I would prefer the top bunk to the bottom, because imagine the number of people who will be crowding around your bed at the "ground floor" if you were on the first level. Not good. The top feels untouchable. Invincible :D No one can really look at what I'm doing, while I'm up here. And I'm the only one up here now HAHA the hostel doesn't seem to be filled up. There are currently only 9 people in my room, instead of the 12 that it can hold, I believe.

I never knew Czech Republic was such a developed country within Europe. It's wonderful. With such a rich culture and all. I'm going to watch a show tomorrow night :) Either ballet, or a marionette show, which would be rather interesting as an experience because I have never really watched a puppet show before. And the music will be wonderful, I believe, since it will be Mozart's Magic Flute. Hohoho. But as for the puppet part... Not sure if I will like it or not. Puppets are rather... Foreign and alien to me after all. But ah well. I shall see my mood when I get to the ticketing booth tomorrow, before my tour :) It is true that marionettes are something I will not be exposed to in Singapore, haha. Compared to ballet. But I will see. Maybe I will watch the puppet show tomorrow, and then watch a ballet the next day. And now, maybe I'll go for the 10.45am free tour, at this rate HAHA. If I have to reach earlier to buy my tickets after all. Give my body more time to rest. ;)

Prague is an amazing place. I am so keen to find out more about it. I hope the tour tomorrow can open my eyes up to more interesting facts about the place ^^

Okay, it's time to go and watch/read some Hetalia about Prague and Slovakia hahaha :)))) See you! Merry Christmas!
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Saturday, December 24, 2016 @ 6:22 AM
Buona notte
Okay, so what have I learnt?

I have learnt that it is still somewhat impossible for me to fully enjoy a classical music concert unless the tune of the pieces is familiar to me. If it is something unfamiliar, I will go right to sleep. Unless the situation was yesterday. Maybe it is because I didn't really have such a good sleep last night anyway and was already feeling quite tired before going to the concert, and that's why I was nodding off through half of it. Which was a pity, actually, because according to the comments I heard around me, the soloist was superb. Ah well. Never mind. The next time I decide to go for a classical music concert, please remember to remind me to first listen to the pieces that the performers will be playing beforehand.

And yes, like what I expected, tonight, the hostel is more or less a quiet night - a night in which it is impossible to make friends haha. The situation is so different from last night's, when it felt like a university dorm, since all of us were university-aged students. And were going to university. Either that or we have just graduated. Indeed. Last night was great. I can't believe I could even have a conversation with someone else about biology. And biofilms. It's good :) And the busan korean guy was so friendly hahaha. I feel like all of them were very polite and kind. With those somewhat wide, and innocent eyes x_x gg LOL. But it's true sia. Every time they look at me with those wide eyes -_- I think it is in part due to how they cannot really speak English that fluently too luh (like me and Korean LOL) and so they are like trying to guess what I'm saying. But really though, those wide eyes HAHA. Last night was good. I'm glad I managed to experience at least one night like that in the many different hostels I've stayed in so far :)

Off to Prague tomorrow. I will have to wake up early to pack my stuff since it is near impossible to do it now, with the room already shrouded in darkness because all the inhabitants are more interested in sleeping than in socialising. Maybe it's because it's already 11.10pm. Maybe before I came in, they were talking. But ah well. Tonight is a somewhat lonely night, I guess.

I'm starting to miss home a little. Starting to get a little tired of being on my own out here - although it's only been three weeks since I was out, haha. But I guess wandering around and seeing things without having the responsibility to be learning makes the time go by more excruciatingly? Alright, excruciatingly is probably too strong a word. I mean, I do enjoy the sights too. And I enjoyed my walk around the town last night, although the sun had already set. But I also enjoyed the talk we had. But now if you were to fling me into such a situation again - me stumbling into the room after coming back from my walking and then not being sure if it was the correct room or not, partially because my glasses were totally fogged up from condensation, and then people immediately start talking to me - I wouldn't even be sure if I would have the energy to start that kind of conversation again. Maybe it all boils down to the amount of sleep that I have haha. And now, I obviously do not have enough quality sleep if not I wouldn't be feeling so tired. Or would I? Is this merely a part of the fact that it is winter time and the sun sets earlier and so naturally my body will also crave sleep earlier? Man, this is evidently out of the norm for my body, since I grew up in an environment where the sun always rose at 7 (or latest, 7.30) and set at 8 as well. So maybe my body couldn't really take it.

Not sure why I have so many things to type today. Maybe because there are a lot of thoughts in my mind that I would like to unload somewhere, even if they may seem to be unessential, and unimportant things. But sometimes you will just feel like typing, you know? And evidently, I am typing every single thing that is coming to my mind without even bothering to censor or tweak anything at all, including the vocab and the grammar. This feels like me walking home after a really tiring day hahaha (like the way I was walking just now as well from the concert hall back to this hostel - imagine climbing the hill in this situation!), just putting my feet one in front of the other in quick succession so that I can get home as quickly as possible and lay my head down as quickly as possible as well. So I am pretty unsure why I am still not yet sleeping even though I feel tired to that extent.

On another note, the bed above mine is empty today. I think it is because one of the Korean dudes from yesterday left a beer bottle at the corner of the bed, and the owners of the hostel probably thought it was occupied or something. And this brings me to what I've observed about hostels hahaha. I think it is true that they won't really know which beds to make and which to tear down, because they don't assign the beds to us. So there must be some way in which we tell them that a certain bed is ours, and not to strip the bedsheets and everything off that bed. But I'm still not sure how they do it. I'm pretty sure it is not foolproof all the time. If not the bunk above mine won't be empty now. Unless it's such a coincidence that there is not a lot of people staying in this hostel today too. But that is unlikely, I believe.

Okay. Whatever. I've typed so much. All these unedited thoughts of mine. And it's almost time to go to sleep. Before I wake up early tomorrow to pack all my things. Including the two new (heavy!) boxes of chocolate that I've decided to buy back for my family.

Okay! Bye! Good night!
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Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 3:37 AM
Hello from Rome.
Hello. First day here is coming to an end soon. And I am thoroughly exhausted. This is most definitely due to jet lag. My body believes that it is already 3.30 am in the morning haha. It doesn't help that I didn't sleep much on the plane last night, and that the sun sets really early in this place nowadays. I suppose I will go to sleep soon.

Anyway. Today was quite interesting :) Okay but I am really exhausted now so I think I will blog another time. But the main thing is I realise I'm quite excited about learning Italian too! Yet another new language heh. Okay. Good night. Really damn tired. See you!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016 @ 7:52 AM
First December
Well I guess I can't go back to sleep. Starting to get excited about my trip to Europe, now that it is looming. Probably because it is the first trip I will be undertaking alone. The first flight I will be taking alone. Haha. And maybe because I kinda had a nightmare (?) or so about it just now, in which I forgot to pack my leather gloves, I've missed the timing for my flight while I was chilling with my friends somewhere, and all.

Alright. My stomach is starting to growl. Perhaps it's time for me to go grab some food :)

See yall!
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