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Welllllll this is the public blog, so the things written here should be more-or-less stomach-able. ;) So I guess this is where I say the mandatory line:

This blog documents the thoughts and growth process of:
A free soul roaming the world in search of some meaning to life.

Pretty sure that's not the exact way I phrased it when I had my old blog skin but WTV HAHA.

Oooooh wait I think I wrote it as "lonely soul" instead of "free soul". But hey guys I've grown out of that emoshitz phase already alright ;)


人生就是要盡情地瘋 / I am a free soul.

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Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 3:58 PM
Lessons learnt from SP so far:

1. Compile minutes of meetings, and dedicate work load at the end of the meeting, while including the exact splitting of work at the end of the minutes document. Make sure that the minutes are accessible by your members ASAP, or within 1 hour from end of meeting, so that they will be sure of what they have to do.

2. At the same time, make sure that your members know exactly what they have to do when they leave the meeting; and that if they have any clarifications, they can refer to the uploaded minutes.

3. Don't be too hasty when trying to correct proposals or submitting proposals. It is better to submit an accurate proposal slightly later than you intended to submit it, than to submit a proposal with inaccurate facts/mistakes here and there. Don't take for granted that the whole proposal is the same as you left it, because you may forget the exact way you left it, after making minute changes here and there. Always look through the whole thing once thoroughly, and attentively, even if it may be boring.

4. It's really important to have a meeting agenda and to stick to it to avoid wasting everyone's time.

Yes that's it so far.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 @ 9:55 AM
Today something really nice happened :) Haha met this junior in the SPMS printing shop when I was there to print my bio notes. And then she couldn't really figure out how to work her ezlink card (somehow it couldn't be sensed by the card-reading machine) and so I offered to lend her my card. And then when the list of "sent-to-print" documents came up she was like "eh?" cuz her Chem lab performa (? Is this how you spell it?) wasn't in there. So she went to try again and all, met with a few hiccups again before finally being able to print it. And of course, I declined to accept her offer of 10cents.

Then I found out that she was a CNYang Bioscience junior! Hahaha. Rachel Hew? -COUGH- LOL I thought she looked familiar yeah -moonface-

But it's great, yeah, that feeling of helping her and when she needed it and seeing that smile of gratitude on her face and sensing it within her words too. If I were a new student in that same situation, I would be really thankful if someone (any kind senior) were to step up to help me with this new and confusing shit. Bonus points if that's a CNYang senior whom I'm still gonna see around in the future haha.

Yay got acquainted with yet another CNYang junior! And a Bio science junior this time too. Wondering if we should have a CNYang bio kids meeting? Haha. Even thought it would be quite tiring and all I guess, having so many different groups of people that you know within CNYang (there's 9EC, Vulcan, outcasts, and all already...) but it would be quite a meaningful thing, yeah? We'll see then haha, if I am not too overwhelmed by the things going on in my life.

Time for some work!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016 @ 8:01 PM
Sometimes when things get too overwhelming, I will wish that I could escape to somewhere quiet and read a book - and ignore all the things that are going on/filling up my to-do list.

Like now, actually. It might not have been the best choice for me to have gone Pokemon-catching with my family at Sentosa when I was already quite tired from all the time spent outside instead of remaining at home and following the plans I had (of completing some work, etc). Especially since I already "played" the whole day yesterday, by going to watch a movie with Mummymon Binbinmon and Qiqimon.

I kinda knew that I would have some form of regret over this though.

But ah well. I cannot deny that I did have some fun too, especially when we were running to catch that Magneton/Vaporeon and then a large group of people started following us too.

But yes, all things in moderation. It was not the best time for me to have gone out, actually. Need to start learning how to say "No" to my family too, in order to have enough time and rest for myself before I can continue spending time more meaningfully with them.

No point in trying to continue to spend quality time when I am mentally/physically too exhausted to interact meaningfully with them anyway.


So it looks like this next week in school will consist of less socialising for me, then.

Too many things that you want to achieve once again, ting ting.

This is why you will suddenly feel overwhelmed by all these goals and aspirations that you have.

You gotta throw some aside in order to complete the rest.

So I guess this is the one important thing that you failed at today, haha; you failed at saying "no" to your family!

Now go shower and calm your mind down.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016 @ 6:22 PM
I'm glad to be back home after this rather exhausting week haha, of being sick, no less.

Don't really feel like typing any more and so I guess it's time to shower! And then read a book/ethics/microbiology notes.

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Monday, August 8, 2016 @ 11:36 AM
Two months.
It's not easy for me to continuously commit to a certain activity because I tend to be distracted after a while. By the other things that are happening in my life.

Right now I feel like I have given too much of my time and concentration to the freshmen orientation camps that have been happening over the past two weeks. My identity centres too much around being a senior/OGL and rah-rahing a group of freshies by teaching them cheers, games, and talking to them. So I feel a little strange and empty inside now that I don't have to wake up at 7am and meet a large group of people every day.

But no matter; I know that this is just a passing phase and it will be gone. I wouldn't call it post-camp blues, however, because it is not like I am sad that the camps have ended. I just feel a little out of sorts because I have become too accustomed to being in camps over the past two weeks. Didn't expect myself to feel this way though! Especially after that post about Scotland haha (can't remember if I posted it in this blog or the other blog) when I said that I don't feel like being in Scotland has changed my routine because I know that I am still me as a person and I'm not defined by my environment or circumstances. Well the current situation right now evidently proves me slightly wrong haha.

Never mind. I can feel myself starting to settle back down now. To come back to what's important to me, and to settle my heart haha. Sure, life is an adventure but we all gotta come back to our safe harbour sometimes. Once in a while. To settle our hearts, and to be reminded of what is important to us. I wouldn't like chionging about everyday and living only for the things that I "have to" do that day and ignoring everything else that comes along too. I miss the CNYang people but patience, dear. Patience. There will be time to meet them. Now it is important for you to have time to yourself to gather your thoughts once more. And before that is possible, you need your sleep HAHA. So stop pushing the supper timings so much! Balance, again. Your internal compass has been tilted off balance for the past two weeks because you have been sacrificing everything else that is important to you for the sake of the camps, because you convince yourself that the camps only happen once in a lifetime and there will not be any other chances for you to do those things again. But this is not the way that you want to live your life all the time. I know, haha. This is not the way that I want to live my life.

So yep. Slowly tilt back the balance. Be steady. Be patient. There is time.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 9:41 PM
Sitting in the middle of the SBS CR3 now in the middle of the seniors' belongings while the rest of the SBS FOC seniors are outside watching the freshie performances. I am seriously freaking slack for this camp lol. Running off and being alone by myself whenever I can. I suppose, in retrospect I shouldn't have signed up for this camp if I was planning to not put in my 100% anyway. Oh well.

Sigh. I should probably head back out soon. Thought I wanted to blog but then not really haha my eyes are really closing.

See yah. Will probably talk more next time, about the things that have recently been on my mind. Either here or in the other blog. Kk bye~
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