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Welllllll this is the public blog, so the things written here should be more-or-less stomach-able. ;) So I guess this is where I say the mandatory line:

This blog documents the thoughts and growth process of:
A free soul roaming the world in search of some meaning to life.

Pretty sure that's not the exact way I phrased it when I had my old blog skin but WTV HAHA.

Oooooh wait I think I wrote it as "lonely soul" instead of "free soul". But hey guys I've grown out of that emoshitz phase already alright ;)


人生就是要盡情地瘋 / I am a free soul.

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Monday, January 31, 2011 @ 9:38 PM
I took seven months to get over it and to do it.

It's 9.37pm now and so I shall go sleep :D Cause I feel like sleeping already. And I'm proud of my personal essay! It sounds so nice when it's being read out loud also. But of course, it's my personal essay, and yes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and so (:

Ahh sian must pack my bag first then can go sleep! But I feel so accomplished today :D Almost every number bubble in my student handbook (lol) has been coloured! Actually, it's everything except for "Bring a dictionary" and "Prepare for a minute a day" :D Both aren't that important, since we'd be working in groups for the comprehension tomorrow and I can't find my small dictionary I think I told my mum to throw it or something since I don't use it any more (yes it's the one from P5 LOL Man Hon HAHA ahh the memories) and there's a dictionary in my phone too even though it is quite a lousy dictionary and you can't find some words in there (._.) and omg the alienware keyboard is really damn nice to type with I can just go on and on and on and on and type out all the thoughts that I have in my head :D Hee.

OMG I FEEL SO HAPPY! Lalalalalalalalala.

Oh and yes, the "Prepare for a minute a day" is not important cause mine is next monday or something :x So got the weekend to do! And it's chaoji easy to do also lah, so hahahahaha life is awesome. LOL.


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@ 5:00 PM



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@ 4:18 PM

Hello everyone. I'm brain dead now, which means that I am unable to do Math or understand Math solutions even when they are being shown step-by-step to me right in front of my face and hence I am here, blogging(:

I was just thinking that time passes so quickly. Yes, I know this is a point that I've repeated for quite a lot of times already, but it doesn't matter because it gives me something to blog about. I'm sorry, I mean, it doesn't matter because I don't care :D Anyway, yes. While I was writing down the date on my Math worksheet, I realised that today is the last day of January 2011. D: How is that even possible?! The month of January has passed by already. It's going to be February soon D: And time is just flowing away too quickly! All I've done is complete assignments and essays. Sigh.

We'll be missing our PE lesson this week): Yes, because of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Argh, I know I've said this before but I have a feeling that this year would just zoom pass in a blur of events and before you know it, it'll be December already. Omg, and December just passes.. Lol I am getting more and more melancholic :/

Ah, the rain has stopped, but the sky is still gray and the cold winds are still blowing. And the sun is still nowhere to be found D: I kinda miss the Sun. But then again, global warming! We need less Sun :/

My brain is tired D: I don't want to do anything, you know? I don't want to do Math or revise for the EPGY chapter test tomorrow because I am really too tired now and this isn't the correct mood for Math. This is the correct mood for writing reflections for an English lesson or whatever. Not for cramming my brain with more new knowledge. Lol, I wonder how much knowledge our brains can hold. I mean, like, all the teachers and adults seem to know so many things. And they don't forget. So I suppose our brains still have quite a lot of empty space left in them for now, waiting to be filled up. Haha that's quite funny.

Today my dad and bro (1st) are home quite early ._. They're home already! This is like so damn early. My dad usually comes home at around 6, 7 or 8? Mostly 7+. Now it's 4.28 and he's been home for quite a while already O: That's why I say, weird.

Okay I shall go off and check now :D Maybe there'd be something for me to read! Oh yah, my mood now is the reading mood. Reading storybooks mood. Books like Twilight or Harry Potter or some random thing purely for entertainment. Omg I'm suddenly reminded of The Time Traveller's wife. I love it, I really do. And hence it is quite a surprise that I haven't picked it up to read it a second time yet O: I suppose my subconcious wants to preserve the awesome first impression that I had from it? But it's really a very cool and awesome book :D Oh yah, I can return Memoirs of a Geisha to Li Shuen soon! Actually, I should be returning it as soon as possible (aka tomorrow) since I've already read it twice and I coped it from her in early December last year :x

Haha, okay bye!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011 @ 12:39 PM

Yozxc everyone I'm in class now(: Now it's between our Maths lesson and IH lesson! Mdm Suzanna (I don't know how to spell her name O:) isn't here yet, but Mdm Lee have gone out of the classroom already...

You know, it's quite cool when all of us bring out laptops to school :D When you walk into the classroom you can see all the students with black laptops on their tables :X How awesome is that! Oh no Mdm Suzanna is here already :x Okay byebye!

Lol Sabrina says 'Hi I'm here.'


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 5:04 PM
It's my life;
Hello :D

Hehe didn't blog for 3 days lol. Is that long? O: Yes is it quite long. Oh well. Yes now I understand why people don't blog daily :x Who'd have the time to do it? And yes, I've decided to blog in perfect (informal) English again(: If not, blogging won't help me at all. And one of the reasons I've decided to start a blog is to improve my speaking skills anyway. (talk more fluently). Oh and I'm listening to 林俊杰's 精灵 now! It's one of his earlier songs. In fact, I think it's from his first album O: And you know, I realise that he always chooses to use high notes when he wrote his earlier songs. All of them are damn high. Only at his third album or something did he start going low O: Lol that expression is so funny.

Hmm, the word 'expression' reminds me of maths. And yeah, I'm blogging about random things(: This is actually a bad usage of time actually, but whatever. I need to blog! I'm in the typing mood now. It suddenly feels so nice to type LOL. I think it's because I'm using the desktop and the Alienware keyboard is awesome to type on. So bouncy and nice. LOL.

Sigh my house smells like charcoal because our domestic helper is brewing some kind of soup using the charcoal heater. I've turned on the fan to its fastest speed and am currently attempting to blow the smell away but so far there's still some charcoal molecules that are lingering around in the air. Sigh.

My new earphones are really powerful O: I mean like, really, I can't hear surrounding sounds clearly when I plug them into my ear O: I didn't know it was raining quite heavily when I was on the bus home (cause I couldn't hear it) until I got down from the bus and saw the rain drops :/ Anyway, here it is! It's the pinkish-purple one in the centre. Bugis' epicenter didn't have the hot pink or white or dark purple one.

The boxes are damn cute right :D It's for you to store your earphones when it's not in use! So environmentally-friendly. It says on the box "No. 1 in Japan" lol. Cost only $38 O: It's quite cheap, compared to the earphones that my brothers bought in the IT fair last last year... Theirs were like $100+ -_- But I suppose it's quite worth the money, because their earphones are still in if not perfect, extremely good condition.

You know, some time in the future I will buy headphones and listen to my music through headphones :D I know that it will happen some time in the future(: Because I'd like to try it! (Actually that's not the case, I just know that I will use headphones in the future). Hm.

Yay we had PE today! How awesome is that? xD I love PE now, surprisingly. Okay, I've quite liked PE all along but this time it's intensified for this year (or rather, this term/semester). Yes, because we're doing rock climbing! I love rock climbing so much all of a sudden :D I think that I'll climb really well when I'm feeling sad about something or the world O: Like just now, when I was feeling quite melancholic for I don't know what reason, I just felt like rock climbing. I knew that I'd cross the top part of the wall (using only the pink handholds and in the correct sequence) without any difficulties at all if I were to climb at that moment. Anyway, I of course didn't have a chance to climb because there were no teacher supervisors for one, and for two the rock wall had already been booked by the visitors from China O: Mr. Ang and someone else (a teacher, I forgot who) were belaying them lol.

I like Mr. Ang :D He is chaoji qiang. Damn pro. (screw the blog in perfect English thing for now) And wise (lol) and philosophical. I remember that time when we asked him philosophical questions on the bus trip to somewhere for a YOG rehearsal session. I think he studied philosophy or something, I forgot. He's damn pro O: It's kinda funny that he's a PE teacher HAHA. That time he told us that he didn't really teach PE, that he worked in the office (i.e. designing the PE programmes and I don't know what else) lol.

Ah I should probably attempt to complete my homework now. Miss Chan hasn't returned us our editted hooks :/ And of course, this means that my introduction for the essay is like crap and that it doesn't link with the rest of the essay at all :x But whatever! This is still the first draft(: And I also really, sincerely, do not want to think about what I feel after reading some Chinese essays or whatever they/it are/is. Screw it for now(:

I just wanna live while I'm alive

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Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 12:59 PM

You know that you are completely healed when you can look back on the memories and smile instead of grimacing away from them.

Ahaha. I miss the fun of talking to you and arguing intelligently with you but at least I have all those memories(:


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@ 12:51 PM
当爱与希望投射炙热的太阳 昨日泪光会随时间都蒸发
别轻易放弃 明天要许更多愿望 装满了勇气就更有力量
I love singing. It's my passion. It's my life. It taught me how to be strong. It taught me how to learn. It taught me how to feel. How to persist. How to appreciate. How to let go.
It taught me how to be me.

I owe it (:

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Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 8:53 PM
I suddenly feel so grieved.
I want to cry.
I don't know why.
The world is weird.
I am weird.
We are all evil people.
There is something wrong with us.
I want to cry.
Wtf is happening?
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Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 12:02 PM
lalala woohoos!



I believe that everyone can choose what to do with their own lives xD


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@ 11:19 AM
What do I believe in?

I believe in hope.

Hope for everyone.

For the person who has the most serious physical injuries.

For the person who is buried in the deepest emotional pains.

There is still hope.

There is even hope for the most evil of all villians.

Because they weren't born that way.


There is always hope.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011 @ 9:31 PM
Random thoughts.
I shall randomly type out something that I've written in my black notebook in May last year.
It's so funny how things turned out to be this way again.
And I know there'll be that awkwardness when we sit close to each other in maple again. (wtf?)
But somehow, for this time that bit of awkwardness will be different. Is different.
Now that I'm reading the entries a little bit before this one, I realise that I was really, really, happy and joyful at everything in life. My life was perfect. My life was blissful then.
And I'm sure you were happy too(:
But then, it all just went wrong. Like I've suddenly woken up from a dream. And now I'm back to reality again.
What makes me feel the most relieved now is that that period, was real. It was real. Completely, tangibly real. It did exist.
And that, brightens my whole day up so much.
You know, I think it went off course because we were just progressing too fast. Moving too fast.
And we were unused to it. We didn't know how to handle it...
But well you can't blame us. Since we were like, friends for the past year. And suddenly it changed.
But we are still friends, of course.
And suddenly I'm feeling so hopeful again.
Like I'm back to that period of time.
Oh my.
Weird. I tdon't know what my true feelings O: Oh well. Actually. We should just wait and see. xD Yup.
Maths time! Shall continue writing later. Or maybe not. Oh well. We'll see xD
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL AT THE LAST PART. 'Maths time!' LOLOLOLOOLOL. LOLLLLLL. Ahaha, I have no idea why I typed that out. Probably cause I randomly flipped to a page in my black notebook and read what I wrote and suddenly had an impulse to type it out O: Oh well. LOL HAHA okay. Okay, I'm having a slight headache now wtf. I really should go to sleep. Lol tomorrow we'll only be having 3 subjects for the whole day :X 2 periods of english, wtf -_-
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@ 9:10 PM


I'm not in the mood much for anything today. Especially Maths. I'm not in the mood for anything that requires excessive usage of my brain cells.

I feel brain-dead and tired. I just want to read my book. Alright, technically, it's not my book. I borrowed it from Li Shuen a month ago or something. You might recall me mentioning it. Yes, it's the Memoirs of a Geisha. I've been wanting to reread it but I didn't have a chance to. Either that, or I was too preoccupied with other books or with Mustard Seed Centre. Yes. I sound dead. Even the words on the screen look dead to me. I am seeing myself speaking them in a monotone. Lifeless. Ending in the same tone. Of the same pitch. Toneless.

Perhaps it's because I'm tired after the extraordinarily vivid and messy dreams I had last night. Yes, I said dreams. Several dreams in a row. Perhaps even more, just that I don't remember them. I had those dreams, then I woke up for a while (less than 1 1/2 minutes) and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again when it's close to the time when I normally wake up. I went back to sleep and had a dream that lasted for 1 hour or a few and woke up a few minutes later. Yes, dreams are weird. Like what they said in Inception.

There's this shaolin movie that will be in the theatres on the 21st of January. I want to watch that movie. It looks very interesting. Like one of those 牺牲小我,完成大我 themed movies again. I expect I'll learn (and relearn) a lot from it. Like I did when I watched 花木兰 and 英雄. I am tired. I want to go to sleep. I shall play pet society then go to sleep. I'm physically tired, actually, so it should be fine. Bye bye.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 9:42 PM

Here's the picture(: Yes, I'm in a better mood liao LOL.


They don't have any nice black and white symbolic pictures :/

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@ 8:42 PM

This is really so damn irritating. I seriously have no idea what's going on in the metal-plastic depths of the Fujitsu Lifebook tablet pc. Like seriously, wtf? It had been working so awesomely a few days before. Then it had to become like this. Like what shit. Cannot log in to the 'administrator' profile. And now that the person from the IT control room 'took a look at it' and set the 'student' profile for me to use, it's still restarts randomly by itself because supposedly 'an error has occurred and windows would be shutting down to prevent loss of data'. WTF? THIS KEEPS FREAKING HAPPENING LAH. I CAN'T EVEN FREAKING DO ANYTHING ON IT WTF. And then there's the issue of it being a freaking 'student' profile and me not being able to install anything onto the bloody thing. THEN WHAT'S THE FREAKING USE OF THE COMPUTER HUH I ASK YOU? Bloody hell lah.

And besides all those crap, it also became a whole freaking lot slower than it used to be? %#^#@!^ knn bloody fuck sia. Zzz.

I SERIOUSLY JUST WANT TO ASK ONE OF MY BROTHERS TO HELP ME REFORMAT THE WHOLE THING LORH. Fuck care Heck care about whatever 'vlc player'/windows media player/whatever shit burner and everything that would be lost lah. Once it's reformatted everything should be fine liao. And I'd be using the adminitrator profile again. Then can download all the crap back. AND HAPPY ENDING. BUT WTF IF I DO ALL THESE CRAP I'D BE KANA SCOLDED ALSO LORH. Walao, I'm doing good for myself and some other poor soul who'd be using my the same laptop next year can. It's freaking irritating. Zzz.

I'm scared to go to the IT control room again because later nothing happens and I'm freaking scolded for bothering people when obviously nothing is wrong with my freaking lap top. Zzz. Walao damn pissed now lah I go do Quiz 2):

Wanted to post a picture of 'trust' but sorry I'm too pissed to do it now. It'd be pointless if I did, cause there wouldn't be any meaning and feeling to it also. Zzz lah.

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Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 9:32 PM
You and me(:
Hello, I'm back!

I decided to start a new post instead of continuing from the previous one lol. And guess what?

I'M USING MY AWESOME LAPTOP NOW! The awesome tablet pc that the school lent us for one year, that we can do whatever we want with as long as we don't spoil it :D If we do we'd have to pay $2970.40 wtf -_- I never knew that this lousy model was so expensive lol. (or maybe it's not even lousy in the first place :x) Eh it's not our fault if we think that this model is lousy okay. The notebooks in our Computer Lab 4 (the one with all the tablet pcs) are all damn slow. Actually most of the computers in our school are damn slow. Lol. But I like my one lei! I mean, the one that I'm assigned with :D The one that I am using right now! Even though it appears to be old, (bloody hell, yes, yellow keyboard when others get laptops with white keyboards, and a dirty lock -_-) it is really quite awesome and fast :D

Wtf, just when I'm praising it, things start to go wrong -_- I attempted to play pet society just now but it cmi lol. Even worse than my brother's laptop :x Well, now I assume that this notebook's graphic card sucks :D Pet society lagged the whole internet explorer LOL. Cause I usually go to different websites in tabs, not in new windows. Yah, so I had to close the whole thing. Lol.

The stupid rules for the software really sucks): Kellynn, now I see what you mean about having to take a freaking long time to type in the answer to a simple question! I seriously cannot freaking find the correct rule to use. Walao, for the introduction they jiu give us so many damn detailed lectures lorh. Then the main thing give so shitty ones. Wtfff lah ._.

Okay I shall not rant any more cause it's stupid :D I shall let myself be familiar with all the crap soon! Sigh at least I completed (sort of) 8005 liao. Now for 8006 and 8010. Must complete by next Tuesday, along with the quiz... Nvm, can do! Omg it's 9.45 already O: I shall stop :D Yes, Maths is freaking hard to absorb when one (I) is (am) feeling freaking tired/freaking tired and in the end one (I) will just waste one's (my own) time trying to get all that information into my brain :D So I shall leave it all for tomorrow! I think I should go read the Humanities articles now though O: Bye bye! :D Should I end off with a picture?

Hm. I guess I should. Okay.


P.S. Why are people using the acronym "wtfbbq"? It doesn't make sense and there's no link can.


lmao, I was wrong :x Can play pet society on this laptop! Just that the laptop will groan a lot o_o like when it's reading CDs. Lol. But it's faster than my brother's laptop lei! :D Haha awesome. I'm only scared that it will like spoil or something if I play too much games :x I suppose I shouldn't play blackshot here... Lol. Later graphic card bao then I gone case liao. HAHA. Okay bye! :D Nites also xD It's 10.17 pm! See you tomorrow(: Or not. Lol. Oh well. C'est la vie! xDD

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@ 7:14 PM
Just one last dance.

Quote of the day:

The more you know, the more you don't know. ~ Mr. Tan Boon Hian, Physics teacher.

Lmao. This was what he said during today's Physics class :D Hahaha. A new quote! But this time it's quite philosophical lei. And it's actually accurate, based on dunno what theory lah. He used the electron thing as an example :D For instance, he said that while people are desperately trying and trying and trying again to find out more about the world around us, or the world that we are made up of (atoms), we get further and further away from what we originally wanted to find out. Hence 'the more you know, the more you don't know.' IT MAKES SENSE RIGHT. I swear Mr. Tan is getting better. Or perhaps he was already this good but he couldn't teach us correctly in lower Secondary cause there are too many things that he couldn't tell us yet :D Cause we won't understand. Haha. Physics is actually getting interesting! Woohoo, this is good, it means that I won't spend these next two years in agony xD

Okay, time for dinner! I may or may not blog again later. If I do, I'll most probably continue from this post O: Even though I have no idea why I telling you these. Haha.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011 @ 3:53 PM
Hello everyone xD

It's the second day of school today O: So irritating, we couldn't have PE cause the Sec Ones were having their CCA sports trials and there weren't any space for us to have PE in the morning): So we went to LT2 and watched a video, along with 401, 413 and 211 (or something) O: It was about ancient Chinese sports lol. They include Martial Arts, a golf-life game, soccer, archery, polo and gymnastics etc :D Gymnastics was mostly for public entertainment only though.

I'm so proud of the Chinese culture :x Haha okay that was random. We had LOA at 11.45am cause we had to perform in the CCA concert for the Sec 1s. Damn irritating eh, we had to miss Maths and Integrated Humans): That sucks. Sigh.

I feel like being the Biology rep :x Should I? Or should I not O: But the thing is, we're learning the three Sciences separately, so being the Bio rep won't be such a stressful thing right O: Hm. Dunno lah :D Ah sian. Tomorrow got Physics! I shall not bring the 'O' level book though. Too damn freaking heavy and irritating -_-

Wah shit someone just sent me a message. And I have three unread messages O: Okay, I shall go read them now! Bye bye :D

I shall end off with a random photo(:


I miss you, too, but trust me, it's not going to do anything except hurt us more.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011 @ 6:51 PM
I know that you are not talking about me; so I shall not care about what you wrote.

I know that that was a misuse of the semicolon, but ah wth heck lah. LOL.

Quote of the day:

I will not think. I will not dream. I will not speak. I will not breathe. I will not love.

Ah, first day of school. As a Secondary 3 student. Mdm Lee is our form teacher(: Quite awesome, but that means that our classroom must always be clean and we must always be neat and tidy and our nails cannot be long): Sigh. Oh well. Life's like that. Or rather, life's supposed to be like that LOL. Sad, but still true.

My mum found the Chinese library book! :D It's in the car LOL. Apparently I forgot to bring it up after coming home from tuition. United Square. And speaking of tuition, I am reminded of Learning Lab and the fact that I didn't get a chance to use my Ben and Jerry's vouchers): The $1 off for a single scoop of ice cream and $2 off for any specialty sundae): That's quite sad. But oh well, at least I had the free scoop :D

Today, our audi rehearsal was terrible -_- We played too softly, the whole thing was damn messy, and our -cough- guzhengs were out of tune. LOL. So horrible): I shall make people tune their guzhengs before every practice. And muahahaha, I shall start initiating Friday practices soon xD Like perhaps two weeks later. Cause our playing is really very horrible and some people do not put their hearts into playing the songs and everything): Which sucks, cause if this carries on, our Gold with Honours would be gone... WTF I CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN D: OUR XIN XIN KU KU ZHUAN LAI DE GOLD WITH HONOURS FOR TWO YEARS IN A ROW?! SOMEMORE NOW WE'RE IN SEC 3 AND WE ARE THE SENIORS AND WE ARE STILL PARTICIPATING IN THE SYF! We cannot get a Gold man. I will go into depression if we did): OMG GUZHENG WE HAVE TO PUT IN MORE EFFORTTTTTTTTTTT.

Okay end of the dramatic caps-letters-all-the-way speech. Mrs Ee came up to help us for a while): Cause we really played too horribly. LOL. Yah, and she was freaking damn inspiring, especially when she was teaching Mignon how to conduct properly. FREAK SHE INSPIRED ME TO CONSIDER CONDUCTING AS ONE OF MY FUTURE CAREER OPTIONS DD: She showed me how amazing conducting can be, especially when you are conducting a song like 梦蝶. DAMNNNN. This is totally why I want to be (and is) a student conductor man. I can live for this :D

So amazing. And she was so patient when pointing out some of our errors. And all of us are willing to listen to her. And we respect her): I've never mentioned it in this blog before, but I've always loved seeing Mrs Ee conduct (Nanyang Chinese Orchestra) :D She has this unique and powerful style, you know? When you see her conduct, you would really feel the hyped-up mood and everything of the songs :D It is so amazing.

And she taught me to be patient today. (actually now and then I would get reminded of that through others' actions, but that's not the point) I know it would take a lot longer before I can really be so patient and supportive and everything): But I hope I can achieve it asap and be more sensitive): Cause most of the time, I just speak what I thing is funny or whatever. I don't really think that much about how it would affect others D: Either that or what I thought was wrong. So I need to be more vigilant D:

Okay, this is the end for today :D Cause I'm scared that my brother would come home like a second later and I won't have any chances to touch the computer until tomorrow): I need to play games for a while! (:

I still love you, but it's better this way really.

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Monday, January 3, 2011 @ 9:05 AM
It feels so good to have something useful to do;

Hello :D See, I'm so awesome, I'm uploading pictures again!

The new computer desk that we bought from Ikea yesteday :x My brother built it from scratch by himself xD And at Ikea (Alexandra), on the way down the stairs, I saw posters (or photo frames or something) bearing the reasons as to why Ikea's prices are so cheap. One reason was damn funny. Okay, it was really phrased in the 'Ikea's prices are so cheap because...' way. The question on that particular poster was "Why isn't there always an assistant to help me when I need help while shopping at Ikea?" Answer: "Because this would reduce the amount of money that you have to pay for service charge at Ikea!" Then, "This is why Ikea's prices are so cheap!" Lol. So sad case :x

Notice that the desk is specially made for corners! Its name is "Corner workspace" O: Okay that wasn't really worth O:ing over.

Front/side view :D Yes, with the 17-inch LG monitor in it. It's quite cool lah, the design xD Looks very modern. This black one is tons nicer than the white one that they had on display at Ikea :/ The white one looked damn crappy.

HEE. The butter cake that we (my father mostly, actually) made on uhm. Saturday! This one's the first try. It didn't taste buttery though. It just tasted like a cake. Lol. And the black dot in the top right hand corner is a raisin lol. My father just wanted to put in raisins...

They (my mum and dad) made a second butter cake the next morning! It was nicer :D The butter taste was there, and the cake wasn't that soft! Woohoo, sweet success xD

Sigh, today is the last day of the holidays! School will start tomorrow O: It still feels very bizarre, you know. Like it's still December 2010 now... Oh my damn, it's like 2010 haven't even really started and now it's over already): Wthey. 2011 feels so weird...

Sigh, I'm suddenly reminded of 2012 -_- Meh. I wonder what will happen. If stuff really happens, then it will be quite bizarre O: Cause like, we all still like to think that we have like 60 more years ahead or something... And then if we die in 2012 it will be quite irritating -_- All the aspirations and everything will be cancelled away, just like that. That'd be quite sad, right ):

I'd like to think that there is an afterlife for all of us. But you never really know :/ Oh well... Then again, it'll be so weird if we just fade out of existence. So scary. I've never really gotten over not being able to think yet. Well, I'm still young.

Okay, I shall go do something else right now :D Like playing pet society (LOL) or uhm hanging up clothes or something! :D I shall enjoy this last day of the holidays(:

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 12:17 PM
Of sunsets and seas

As promised(:

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@ 11:57 AM


All these are photos that I took from the various windows in my house :D Okay, I can feel it coming.

Weird fact #4: She likes taking photos of the scenery outside her window. At different times of the day.

Seriously, the sunsets are all freaking beautiful. I shall upload a photo of one in the next post. Seriously. They are never the same. And the colours are all so beautiful): But it usually lasts for less than 15 minutes or something... Which is damn short. I feel quite happy that I'm actually able to capture the colours more or less accurately :D Just that it's not as majestic in the picture as it is in real life... But oh well, life's like that xD

Okay, goodbye all for now. I need music! And happy new year (:

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