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Welllllll this is the public blog, so the things written here should be more-or-less stomach-able. ;) So I guess this is where I say the mandatory line:

This blog documents the thoughts and growth process of:
A free soul roaming the world in search of some meaning to life.

Pretty sure that's not the exact way I phrased it when I had my old blog skin but WTV HAHA.

Oooooh wait I think I wrote it as "lonely soul" instead of "free soul". But hey guys I've grown out of that emoshitz phase already alright ;)


人生就是要盡情地瘋 / I am a free soul.

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Friday, December 31, 2010 @ 10:51 AM
Who you want to be.

Quote of the day:

Do not eat spicy shit unless you want to have spicy shit.

Yay, I feel so accomplished :D I made the bed, hung up the wash, ate fried rice and vegetables and Marigold's low-fat original yoghurt for breakfast, and read yesterday's 早报. This is awesome okay. I'm finally doing something meaningful after so many days! Woohoo xD

And freak, yesterday I discovered the addiction and the awesomeness of using a DSLR to take photos): Damnit. You can never get sick of it -_- Cause you can take everything with it O: Food (HAHA), animals, people in motion): It's so damn awesome omggggggggggggg.

And I think that posing for weird shots is awesome :D

So is acting like an ANTM model. Or whatever. Lalalalala.

Pardon me for fantasizing randomly(: I can never be a model): I am too freaking short. Oh well. Sighs. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show really inspired me O: Heh now I have new styles to try out :D Damn, I have to go cheap shopping again someday LOL. Maybe at Scape on Saturdays xD Okay, bye! (:

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Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 11:18 PM

Hellos, long time no see! I'm really sorry, but I haven't had the motivation to blog for a while :x

Went out for dinner with Kellynn Ting Ting and Rebecca just now! :D We went to Plaza Sing and ate KFC's family feast LOL. + 2 cheese fries :D It's quite dumb, actually, because we got a free packet of Honey Gold Flakes that no one wanted to bring home for free. In the end, I was the one who ended up with it O: To be honest, I'm quite fine with it because Honey Gold Flakes are quite nice :D Oh yah, we camwhored. A Lot. Lol. Seriously. But Ting Ting had to leave earlier, which was quite sad): The three of us went on camwhoring around Dhoby Ghaut LOL. Istana park etc xD Then we went back to Plaza Sing to eat Swensen's ice cream! The Topless Five :D It's so sad that I forgot to bring my Ben and Jerry's vouchers (they are currently being used as a bookmark for my Sherlock Holmes Volume I) ): Oh well. This means that I must use them by tomorrow or else they would be useless already O: Sian. Ben and Jerry voucehrs always expire so quickly :/ Unlike the Udders one that they (Learning Lab) gave us for last year's children's day. And this keyboard is really awesome to type with O: (desktop one. the alienware gaming keyboard. LOL.) (that sentence [no brackets] before this sounds weird) (who cares).

Speaking of Learning Lab, yes, I went to the replacement class! In the end we (OB people) postponed the kbox outing cause apparently if I didn't go, there would only be three people going and that sucks :x Okay, that's not fun. Yep. So they postponed it :D Though I have no idea how we're supposed to meet up once school reopens... Which would happen in a few days' time): Ugh. Oh well. Truthfully, I'm quite excited about the reopening of school :D It's the start of something new. Haha. And we'd be upper Secondary students! And we'd have new classmates :D So it'd be quite interesting, I guess?

Okay, back to the topic. We didn't watch Inception for the whole of the lesson, as planned. That was because there was this awesome Suggested Response (apparently) that the teacher (Miss Han) wanted to go through because it is a very rare chance that we have a good Suggested Response. Hence we took quite a lot of time going through it. Thus we only had 30 minutes left to watch Inception + eat the food that we brought :/ I bought Yupi gummy bears for everyone :D Someone brought chocolate eclairs, and there were potato chips (standard), seaweed, coke, chicken (LOL Miss Han bought chicken from Cold Storage for us to eat), and Idk what else :D Oh yah, Twisties. I forgot what flavour. At the end of the lesson, Miss Han kindyl invited me to attend next (this) week's lesson as well. Which is tomorrow. And she promised that we would really watch Inception this time. And we'd only have to complete an editting exercise before we watch the show, since it's New Year's eve. Eh, I think that she really would go easy on her students O: After all, I don't konw why but New Year seems more significant than Christmas somehow... Hm. But they happen once every year :/ So I don't know...

Sherlock Holmes is amazing. He is freaking damn pro. His stories are extremely inspiring and refreshing and I will learn a lot from them :D I know it man. Even though I'm only on the 50th page (or perhaps before that, since nowadays I don't really have much time to read) and there are 1055 pages in Volume I or something -_- Wtf. 1055 pages! Can you believe it?! The book itself is not that thick also... It's thinner than some Harry Potter and Twilight Saga books O: Hm. I guess the individual pages must be very thin? Oh well. Anyway, I like the cover of the book :D It is very unique, with a very special texture that you don't see on most books. Its smell is quite acceptable (nice) as well, unlike my Time Traveller's Wife -_- (ugh Han Yi remember my reaction when I first smelled it O: I had to smell your Inkheart to rid my head of the chemicallish smell from my Time Traveller's wife O:) Lol.

Hm. I just realised that I've typed a lot. I think that this is mostly because of the fact that this Alienware keyboard is really very awesome! A lot more awesome then the Vaio Laptop's keyboard, of course. So bouncy and springy. LOL. The bright screen is hurting my eyes -_- Yes, I'm referring to the 22-inch lighted-up computer screen that I'm staring at right now that is really damn wide. Damnnnn. It sucks when you are staring at the computer in the dark -_- Without any other lighting to lift the contrast between the brightness of the screen and the darkness of the night.

Ugh. My eyes are really hurting now ._. Nights then :D

P.S. I don't have anything to do tomorrow O: I think I will play blackshot! LOL. Or Audition. Time to enjoy computer games for the last time during the holidays of 2010 :x Haha okay bye xD

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 @ 8:46 PM
At the weirdest times, you notice the most beautiful things(:

HELLO I AM OBLIGED TO BLOG OMG. Okay, this has something to do with me and my weirdness, so please ignore that thanks(:

OMG I THINK I AM BECOMING A STALKER AGAIN! Oh well. (Btw I mean online stalking kay, not real life stalking O:) But don't worry, it's only because I happen to notice that person's status or something so I decided to go take a look :D It's not really stalking right? Right? Right right right?

Okay, let's change the topic xD Nowadays I keep and like watching my brother play dota O: I think it's because it's quite interesting? And also because I don't really have anything else to do. Oh, this reminds me, I still haven't opened my Sherlock Holmes Volume one! And when we (Chenyu and I) were at 313's hmv just now, I noticed that they changed their 'books on discount' collection :D Now, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the rest of the trilogy is on sale, at 2 for $30! It's more expensive than the Time Traveller's Wife, but I'm not complaining :D I should purchase the whole set right! But there's a problem, actually. There are three books in the series, but hmv sells the books at a pair for $30): This means that I'll have to buy another book, along with the third one in the series D: Oh well. I'll figure it out, I guess. Everyone says that the series is awesome O: I don't really know whether I'd like it or not, since the blurb didn't really attract my attention that much... You can't even read what the story's about from the blurb -_- That's why I wasn't so into buying it previously O: Along with the fact that the individual book is quite expensive...

Hm. Today, I spent around $10 or something :D I'm quite happy with this amount, I guess. Although I could have limited myself to $2.. If I didn't have lunch with Chenyu. We ate at Plaza Sing's KFC O: 2-piece chicken meal, change the mashed potatoes to cheese fries. Eh, the Shroom's burger meal is really damn cheap -_- $3.30 nia... So cheap! How can a complete fast food meal be so cheap, I ask you? Of course, usually when I eat at KFC, I'd upgrade the coleslaw or mashed potatoes to cheese fries, so the final cost would be $5... Regardless, it's still damn cheap! D<

I have a goal :D That is, to smile at random strangers when I pass them on the street :D To show them that life is awesome! You never know when someone will be cheered up or encouraged by your smile :D You may even save someone's life! Of course, I admit that previously, I always maintain a poker face when I have to look at a stranger :/ That's bad): And rude): And it makes me seem very proud... Oh well. That's a negative part to my personality, I guess? All of you have to admit that I seem very conceited and proud and arrogant when you first met me :D Sorry, I think that's my way of protecting myself, I guess. I don't want to make myself seem vulnerable or something? But don't worry, I'm changing that (: Or at least, I'm trying to change that :X Of course, at times, I'm still like that, until people really give me a chance to introduce myself and show the side that I am when I'm with my friends :D

Okay, enough of all these, I feel like doing something else now :D And my brother wants to use the laptop too, I think. So byebye!

P.S. I'm gonna read Twilight again man. I suddenly wanna read about their great love story :x And omg, I want to watch Titanic wtffff. Can someone please allow me to watch it with them or anything): Cause you can't rent the movie from stores, and you can't really watch it online either.. D: Damn, I really wanna watch it D:

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@ 9:03 AM
for a few crazy moments, I thought he was.. you.

汤圆 for breakfast :D + a little bit of sausage bread and a little bit of pandan cake(: Interesting combination lol.

Went to Labrador Park with centre yesterday! Excursion for the small kids. LOL. (oh no, I should follow my proper-English rule and stop typing in blog language):) Okay. Basically, we just played, watched the sea, and ate there. :D Phyllis was there too :D And there were only 19 kids present.. It's kind of like a huge difference from Ananias' excursions :/ But oh well, it's cosy and nice(:

Oh no, it's 9.06 already. I'm going to meet Chenyu at Clementi MRT at 10! She's my P6 best friend :D She went to RGS.. Oh well. Okay, bye for now, I gotta go choose my oufit :x


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Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 3:30 PM
and you will stay you.

Actually, I'm not such a bad person, so I can say this to you truthfully:

You can find ways to stay happy, even if the world around you is going mad, and

I wish to be your friend.


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@ 10:48 AM
I always loved seeing you laugh.

Weird fact #3: She doesn't like to talk to people sometimes.

Sian, Gin cancelled the Sec 4 graduation party last minute. That means that I have nothing to do today :/ I asked my mum to help me extend the dateline for my book, and so I can't read that book also.

): Nvm, I'll find something meaningful to do :D

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Sunday, December 19, 2010 @ 9:23 PM
I can't believe that just a few months ago, you cared that I was angry that you 'broke away from the family'.
Ah, memories, memories.
There are both good and bad ones.
The good ones, everybody strives to remember. Of course.
But the bad ones?
I'd like to remember them as well.
I want to remember the lessons that I've learnt from failing.
And remember someone that I'm too embarrassed? Proud? To talk to now.
Strangely enough, I can remember some moments extremely vividly.
Recall everything perfectly.
Oh well.
Okay, this is an abrupt end to this post.
Bye bye! :D
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@ 7:16 PM

Hello, I am still extremely undecided between Kbox and Inception): Sighh.

And I don't feel like blogging now leh O:

By the way, the recital went pretty well today(: And I am extremely happy to have friends who accept me for me, and a family that loves me regardless of my faults and everything x3

I love you all!

And blogger is bloody irritating me again. I cannot paste things that I've copied here -_- Walao lah.

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@ 12:30 PM
I'm a little sick of this world. where everything is so uniform. Why. Why must I be like that to succeed? Why can't I be different?

Li Shuen's piano recital.

I'm actually feeling a little nervous.

Inception over Kbox.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 9:52 PM
如果我真的爱你 我想 我早就会离开

Hellos, all. This is very sad, because I think I won't be able to watch Inception with Miss Han's class any more): OH MY GOD, BUT I REALLY WANNA WATCH D: WHYYYYYYYY. Sigh.

This is giving me such a headache): Kbox, or Inception? Right now, I really feel like watching Inception D: But the thing is, I can watch it any time I want, right): I can just go online and watch the online stream... This is bad):

Sigh. Okay fine. I guess I'll just be a good person D: And not replace next Sunday's class.. I feel quite sad though ): Cause it's like, we never get a day off at Learning Lab): In my class, that is. Miss Han is such a nice person): She celebrates Christmas with her classes every year ): She allows her students to bring finger food to the class): And allows them to eat the food in class): Just like a Christmas celebration): Sigh, how I wish I'd be able to attend her lesson this coming Friday!

I should toss a coin.. And leave it to fate O: I really don't know... Like I've said, right now, I just have this strong pull towards the 'get-a-replacement' side. I really want to attend her lesson ): Sigh..

Nvm, we shall see D:

My god, there are so many sad faces in this post. I should stop being so sad.

I wanna go to Nexus (Toa Payoh) and sing karaoke with my brothers/brother or my mum and the rest of my family!


This is kinda interesting, because blogger says that my blog has been viewed 6 times by people from the United States, once from Denmark and once from China. O_O Hm. Oh, I see. It's the work of the blogger toolbar, I guess. Every time you press the 'next' button on the toolbar, you'll get transported to some other person's blog O: (Mostly someone who has no contact/link/whatsoever to you or your blog :/)

This is interesting :D I never knew blogger is used throughout the world!

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Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 10:50 PM

Start off backwards :x

Awesome camwhore shot man. All of us can be seen xDD

Another awesome one :D Took this first, before the one above. Rachel was in darkness so I decided to take another one.

Lol Thomas. I'm not in the picture): So sad):

BEFORE. My meatball spaghetti bolognese from Swensen's. Michelle ordered the same thing.

AFTER. This is the combination of mine and Michelle's leftover spaghetti and meatballs. And of course, the English parsley that we both didn't eat. THE WHOLE PLATE IS FULL, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! If we shared, we could have saved 6 dollars each): This damn thing cost $12.90. Sigh. In the end we paid $15.20 each, +GST +service charge. Damn, that can feed 5 persons at a hawker centre -_-

Rachel's salmon and mushroom pasta :D

Random heart formed by water. I saw this in the kitchen and I had to take a photo of it :D It's so chio!

Okay, I'm too lazy to upload the photos of the baby porridge I cooked some time ago O: I shall upload it on facebook LOL. Haha kay bye! :D

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@ 10:16 PM
我相信我就是我 我相信明天

Hahaha, I know I said I won't type emo messages or whatever in my PM! But ahh heck lah HAHA. Sorry lahh, it's not my fault :D It's just too awesome to ignore. Lol, what am I talking about; what awesome ._. Wrong word choice :D But oh well, who cares!

Went kbox at night with my brothers on Wednesday :D The bill was damn freaking high -_- Cause we thought that my brother's (2nd) friend, keelui, would come. And we told the person at the counter to charge the bill for 4 people. In the end, he didn't come, of course. And of course, the kbox staff would not take away the charge for one extra person for us (even though there was evidently only the three of us singing in the room [which was damn big, by the way. I think it's a 10-person room]) and so the bill was $110.60 in the end): So ex. My brothers split the bill between the two of them :D (how awesome is that, I didn't have to pay at all MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and it was an incredible waste of money!

You know, that day was a waste-money day for me. In the morning, went out with Jamie, Michelle, Rachel (ng), Shin Yee and Han Yi! We ate at Swensen's(: And Michelle and I wasted 6 dollars there -_- Damnnn. I shall post the pictures later so you can see how exactly we wasted our money):

Anyways, Jamie had to leave early, so she left before the rest of us went to watch Narnia! I cried at the end O: I think I'm an emo freak HAHA. :D I was quite disappointed though, cause only Edmund and Lucy went to Narnia :/ There was hardly any mention of Peter and Susan at all. Sigh. It's quite sad, cause I love watching the four of them together(: After the movie, we went over to Suntec City! On the bridge, there were these two guys giving out the 13-cell flyers (I forgot what the exhibition is called) Apparently, some old prison cells would be opened to public, and there are many eerie things that happened in the prison? It's a haunted visit :D (I wanted to go, actually, when I first saw the advertisement at some bus stop) Nowadays I keep seeing people advertising this thing wherever I go -_- I think it made me lose interest in the prison :x See too many times already, haha. Anyway, besides those two guys, there was another guy who was walking towards us from the bridge :D He was wearing this wolf head thingy with blood on the teeth O: Shin Yee and Michelle were freaked out :D Han Yi and I said hi to it LOL. (Actually, Han Yi waved and I said 'yo' LOL) So stupid, he ignored us -_- Rachel (or whoever) said later on that wolves are unable to talk, that's why he didn't reply O: I think he's just trying to act hostile -_- Yes, Michelle and Shin Yee freaked out (quite obviously) and the wolf decide to stalk us (specifically Michelle and Shin Yee) across the bridge :D In the end the two of them ran while the rest of us continued walking calmly. It was an interesting experience. LOL.

Then we went to Suntec's Toys R Us! We wanted to go to the arcade at first, but it was too far away and Han Yi had to go home soon :/ Beyblades are back in season again O: I was damn excited, because beyblades were our time manzxc. That time my brothers created this huge one from disassembling (is there such a word) and assembling various types of beyblades :D It was damn pro, I think.

Oh oh oh, talking about beyblades, I'm pretty sure that I can waveboard now! LOL. After several 'trainings' at Mustard Seed HAHA. Many of the kids there own waveboards :/ They actually keep their waveboards at the centre itself O: And so Phyllis and I would occasionally steal some kid's waveboard and practise HAHA. It's quite cool lah :D

I just remembered that there are many movies that I want to watch, be it watch again, or watch for the first time): Arghhh. I should get down to it. If not, I think I won't have the chance to watch them in the near future (and I may most probably forget that I want to watch them in the far future) and that would be quite sad): Salt, The Last Airbender, Xmen: Wolverine Origins, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Slumdog Millionaire are just a few that I want to watch): I wanna watch Aquamarine again! Other than watching movies, there are also quite a few books that I want to read): The Slumdog Millionaire, Let the Right One In, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and more D: Oh no, I have to go to the library soonnnnnn.

Okay okay fine, pictures now(: (refer to post above)

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 8:03 PM

Ehh omg, I just realised that there're at least 5 pageviews everyday! Omg, means that every day, there'll be at least someone who comes here to read what I write :D I feel so honoured HAHA. I'm not used to having people read my blog, you see :x Because the only blog (other than this one) that I post(ed) frequently in is a private blog :D Only one other person knew the url, you see. So I'm not used to having so many people reading my blog daily! :D

Thus, I am honoured.

And I'm about to go off to Kbox with my brothers! Bye(:

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@ 9:05 AM
You are the music in me(:

Hello... Yesterday was weird.

In the morning, I was in this super studious mood, you know? I decided to go to centre to study O: But when I got there, I realised that the centre was closed -_- Then I was shocked for a minute or two. Then I remembered that they were most probably having an excursion to
Bukit Timah Hill or something. And so, I went home again :/ It was an extremely hot day -_- And I was carrying my books using my hands):

Then, I went to meet my mother at Toa Payoh for lunch O: Had a sudden urge to eat a tuna croissant, (cause I saw people eating croissants at Delifrance when I passed them) so we ate at Delifrance LOL. Total bill was 16.30 :/ It was okay, I guess? And then we went to popular, and some sales thing and went back to her office (cause I really didn't feel like going home or going anywhere). I asked my mum to give me something to do :D So she took out this box filled with papers, and asked me to tear them up (it's not weird, it's part of the work procedure), and I did. Tore up papers for quite a long time O: And then we went to the paper shredder located upstairs and shred the rest that I haven't torn yet. Lol.

And then it was time to go home already hahahaha. Time passes so fast~ Indeed. Went home, and I watched many episodes of Rosario Vampire anime, then I read a few chapters of the manga, and then the evening passed and it's time to sleep :D

Going to meet Michelle Jamie Rachel and I don't know who else at Marina later! We're gonna watch Narnia :D And walk and talk and eat lunch, of course. I shall abstain from popcorn): Or else my flu+cough will never heal. Sigh.

Oh, I finally synced my(brother's) iTouch with my brother's (2nd) laptop! New songs, finallyyyy. Together with the full collection of 林俊杰's songs :DD Okay, I'm exaggerating, I think it doesn't have 发现爱 and some other (maybe no other) songs that are randomly created and are not in his albums O: But other than that, all his 7 albums are there! :D Awesome.

I must admit that I'm a little disappointed that he didn't compose new songs for his new album :/ He sung the songs that he composed for other people before instead O: Well, it's quite nice :D And I never knew he composed 一眼万年 for S.H.E. and 心墙 for I don't know who O: Those songs are awesome lah...

Oh, and my brother (2nd) suddenly has an interest in cheerleading o_o He went to one of the practices yesterday, and came home with muscle aches everywhere hahaha. He says that he wants to create a name in the cheerleading sport for the next 3 years or so, while he's studying in university O: Hmm, interesting. I may want to go too, if I was lighter HAHA. Okay, it's 9.22 already! Bye bye :D

P.S. Still no pictures up yet, sorry :x

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Monday, December 13, 2010 @ 3:21 PM
What happens if I tell you that I loved you?

Hi, I'm at home now. And I'm kinda bored. But oh well, nvm, I shall go off and revise a little. Or rather, drill myself a little on the Chinese language :D Okay, whatever I'm saying makes no sense.

Hmm, should I go to my mother's office later? Or should I not O: Actually, I think I won't go at all. Unless I'm really desperate to get away from the confines of my home. Okay. We shall see :D

Sometime in the near future, I shall upload the photos that I was supposed to, but haven't, uploaded(:

See you all soon!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010 @ 9:25 PM
I don't wanna type out emo statements in my private messages any more cause it's pointless.

Yes, it's just for the sake of typing them, and for exaggerating, so I won't type them out any longer(: Even if I suddenly see something that makes me remember!

But remember me. Please.

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@ 11:07 AM
Sick :/

Sigh, I haven't posted for 3 days, omg. Is this proof that this blog is not going to last): Oh no, why liddat...

Nowadays I'm either too lazy, or too unmotivated to post! Or too busy to post. Oh well.

Wednesday... = Class outing day :D Damn saddening; only 6 of us went -_- wtf. It's even more pathetic than 201's 9-people sentosa outing :x Oh well. At first there were supposed to be 10 people going): But Rebecca, Michelle and Kellynn all couldn't go in the end. And then Sabrina was nowhere to be found O: Hm. I think I've blogged about this before. In fact, I did right O: LOL. Okay nvmmmmm let's move onnnnn.

Thursday was stay-home day! I watched Princess Mononoke, played computer games for a while, read my book and cooked lunch for myself hee :D Baby porridge! It's actually porride cooked with carrots and minced meat. And pepper. My first time cooking a real meal (that is not maggie mee) for myself hahaha. And it was quite successful! I took a picture, but I'll upload it later :D

Oh yah, on Wednesday, my throat started hurting): And then on Thursday it evolved into a flu. Now I'm having a horrible half-blocked nose and I'm coughing a little and I want to go see the doctor omg. This is so irritating -_-

Then on Friday, it's Mustard Seed Centre's Christmas celebration! Dr. Ng brought my guzheng there at 9 am. And then some time in the afternoon, while I was practising (at the centre), I discovered that there were spider eggs on the underside of the case cover -_- They were like, white in colour, and were accompanied by their white spider mother o_o I asked one of the teachers to help me clear the eggs away :x Then we (De Kai and I) went to Clementi Central's KOI Cafe! And bought drinks for people. One caramel milk tea, one honey milk tea, one normal milk tea, and one ice cream tea :D I didn't buy anything. Oh wait, I did. I bought luohanguo 凉茶 LOL. Cause of my throat :/ And my nose, for that matter.

The honey milk tea was awesome :D I'll always buy that in future whenever I go to KOI manzxc. It's really awesome :D

Okay I shall go to the doctor's now. Bye! :D

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 @ 9:42 PM
Class outing! Or so..

Hello, I'd quite like to blog now, but I'm kinda tired and I feel like/feel that I should be reading the newspaper and practising guzheng instead. And it's already 9.44pm): But oh well, since I'm here, I shall do it! :D

Hm. Just realised-remembered that nowadays my posts all don't have pictures in them O: Oh well, it's because recently I didn't take a lot of photos. Actually, I didn't really take any photos at all LOL. Even though I should do so): Okay fine sigh. I shall take more photos whenever I go out in the future kay?!

So that my blog will be more colourful! :D And won't be just words. Eh. You know, I think this blog will die once school reopens(: Cause I'm sure I'd have like no time to blog at all. I'd have to spend a lot of time on SMP and everything): And my schedule will be damn busy. Sigh. So I won't find time to blog D: Actually, I'm sure I'd be able to find time to blog if I want to, but the thing is I'd most probably just convince myself that sleep is more important than blogging and I'd go to sleep :D HAHA.

Okay, enough crapping.

I think today was a very busy/eventful day for me. I mean, a lot of things happened today. I did a lot of things O: And I travelled quite a lot too. Lol. I shall draw out a travel map here :D

Home --> take 165 to Mustard Seed --> walk to the centre from the bus stop --> rode in the car from Mustard Seed to Dover --> take mrt from Dover to Eunos --> walk to the bus stop --> take 60 (?) from the bus stop to another bus stop --> cross the overhead bridge --> take 15 to Marine Parade --> walk from Marine Parade to ECP --> walk to the bicycle rental shop, then to MacDonald's --> walk to Marine Bowl --> walk to Parkway Parade --> walk to toilet and back to Ajisen Ramen (damn far okay. Must cross one whole food court and still haven't reached yet -_-) --> walk to bus stop --> take bus to Eunos mrt --> walk to the mrt station --> take mrt from Eunos to Buona Vista mrt --> sit car from Ghim Moh back home. :D

Yes, indeed, it is a very long journey. And now I shall talk about what happened O:

In the morning, I practised the Christmas-songs-combination for a while, and went to hotmail to check who's going to the class outing and went to see the mmo website again. And then, went to ?Mustard Seed. Reached at around 11.15 am, I think? Okay, ate lunch there, watched a tiny bit of Princess Mononoke (cause it was the children's lunchtime already and they weren't supposed to watch): And we can't watch either cause the tv is right in front of the food tables... Sigh. I ate quite a lot -_- Of veggies (brocolli and carrot!) especially :D Cause it was damn awesome lah. Hahaha fibre is good :D Then, watched Tom & Jerry for a little while, then had to go off to Eunos liao.

Then I reached Eunos at like 1.50 pm. Which was damn early. And no one was there yet. I read my book :D And then shortly after that, Fiona arrived! And we read our books for a while till around 2+. Hanyi arrived! And the three of us waited for damn long for the others to arrive -_- The attendence list was supposed to consist of: Me, Kellynn, Rebecca, Fiona, Hanyi, Yixin, Cheryl, Sabrina, Li Shuen and Michelle. But in the end only got me Fiona Hanyi Yixin Cheryl and Li Shuen. 6 people -_-. Okay anyway, Li Shuen arrived after that at idk what time, and then Yixin and Cheryl appeared at 2.30 pm -_- Sabrina was nowhere to be seen O:

We waited a while for her, and wondered why she could be so late O: In the end, we concluded that perhaps she thought that we were meeting at ECP bicycle rental shop. And we set off. It was quite late already. Everyone bought bubble tea at Sweet Talk :D Everyone except me! HAHA. Cause I was saving money and preventing myself from getting fatter at the same time :x

Yah, then sat bus and blah blah blah, and reached ECP damn late. Around 1 hour after 2.45 pm or something. And on the bus Fiona was making up theories on why Sabrina didn't answer any of our calls O: There's one theory that she believed quite strongly in! That is, that Sabrina was kidnapped. LOL. Then I rebutted that by saying that if she was kidnapped, her handphone would still be on cause the kidnappers would want to contact her parents to deposit 10k cash in some dustbin under their house or something. Lmao. Okay, we reached the rental shop, and it started raining quite heavily. Yup, we're destined not to cycle manzxc. Went to MacDonalds for cover. (and damn, it's already 10.09 pm now! I'm quite tired also liao): Sighhhh) Blahblahblah, decided to go bowl.

Then done and we (Cheryl, Hanyi, Fiona and I) went to eat dinner while Li Shuen and Yixin went home(: Ate at Ajisen Ramen! Damnit, the butter corn miso ramen sucked. Okay lah, not bad lah. But the soup was damn salty. Wth. And it cost me $13 in total -_- %#@^@$ sia. LOL. Then went to the shop next door to eat guilin gao cause I insisted on eating it cause my throat was quite painful): Sian, sorethroat.. (Oh I'm totally talking in blog language LOL) Yup, and they waited for me to finish, then went home(:

The end! Sigh, and I really wanted to practise Guzheng D: Oh well...

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 @ 6:50 PM
Mustard Seed Centre!

Hi, long time no see. These few days I was at Mustard Seed Centre (the student care centre that my previous student care centre's principal and family recently set up after they quit from Ananias). Okay, scratch that, I meant the past two days.

Quite cool lah, their new place. It's in Clementi as well, behind the mosque :D Well, I think I won't ever go back to Ananias again lol. Or maybe I'd go back, once in a very very long while, to see the teachers that didn't go over to Mustard Seed Centre (aka Teacher Dora and Teacher Tay). Haha, byebye to Ananias! LOL. So bad. Anyway, yup. The whole premise is like a shophouse. It is a shophouse, actually. There are two storeys. The first storey is for the kids to do their homework and everything, while the second storey totally resembles a freaking HDB flat LOL. The second storey's for them to eat and read books and watch tv! And there's a kitchen on the second level. LOL. With a fridge. That's filled up with tons of drinks (for us non-students) to drink (HE HE HE HE HE) and stuff to eat and eggs :D Hee. Lol. (You know, I really hate the looks of that word. 'Hee'. Ew, so disgusting lah wtf. Ah sigh, whatever ._.)

So, it's the second day of our no-domestic-helper days! And we're getting by quite fine :D Of course, of course, since we've (the family. five of us) always had no helper at home. We only employed one cause we need someone to take care of my grandma(: Who's at home alone. And to keep her company, of course. Now we all take turns mopping the floor/sweeping the floor! And we all have to wash our own dishes. HAHA. Quite good habits, actually. Lol. But there's a downside to all these): Jacey misses my grandma and the domestic helper! (Yatin). Sigh. Cause now when all of us go out, he's the only one at home. And he gets sad): Cause he hasn't been alone at home for a long time already. That sentence sounded weird. Oh well who cares. Yep, so he's sad): And moreover, (shit I forgot what I wanted to say. cause I was searching google definitions for 'moreover' and 'morever' to see which one was the right one to use O: hm, 'morever' doesn't exist in the dictionary right...)(1minutepassed)(OH YAH I REMEMBER LIAO) I think he misses them a lot. Wait, what am I talking about, I stated that point before -_-. Gah. Irritating. Oh well heck.

And I'm gonna play the Christmas-songs-combination on the Guzheng at the mini Christmas celebration that Mustard Seed Centre is going to have this Friday! I say 'mini', cause they just started (2 months) and they only have like 30+ students or something compared to the 100+ or something that they used to have at Ananias Clementi. So now it's very cosy and mini :D Downside of this = my awesome pink shiny Barbie pink coloured nail polish will most probably be gone soon due to the guzheng tape sticking onto them and them latching on and leaving my fingernails D: Sigh. But NVM! I can always do them on again :D Haha. (I refuse to say 'hee'.).

Okay, I'm kinda running out of things to say. Actually, I'm just lazy to think of stuff to say and phrase them into words. Haha. Okay, byebye! Off to dinner (which my mum cooked) xDD :D

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Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 9:02 PM
Free to try crazy things;

Hello everyone :D Actually, I was feeling too sian to post, but lalala I'm a nice person so I'm back! Lol.

Today... Was hm. Today larhs. Woke up at 3 am because we were supposed to go to the airport to send my grandmother off cause she's going back to 海南岛. Yup, we set off at around 4 or something like that cause my uncle who was supposed to meet at our house and fetch my grandmother to the airport reached at around 4. I wore jeans and a deep blue tank with crystal studs and a black vest O: Okay that was irrelevant. Anyway, yep, went to budget terminal (yes my grandmother and our domestic helper are taking budget airlines. most probably tiger? o_o) and waited. It was quite boring, actually. My brother (2nd) insisted on taking some group photos, so we did before they went off into the departure hall. Blahblahblah, I ate a curry chicken puff from Hanis(that my brother [1st] bought)(and I have no idea why it's called Hanis instead of Hans) and then we waited till they went in and then we went back home. Reached home at around 5.30 am or something. And my brother (2nd) and me went to the bed and slept LOL. I heck cared and slept in my jeans :D

Oh, it was damn cold, by the way. Did you all realise that the temperature for yesterday night and yesteryesterday night was quite low? Low until never on aircon also need to cover blanket. HAHA that sentence was so Singlishy. Lalala whatever. Okay, it was damn cold! Quite cool :D Cause it's rare to have this kind of weather in Singapore):

So, I slept in my jeans (and my tank and my vest, for that matter) under the awesome silk blanket, on the bed, for 1 hour+! Then my brother (1st) came into the room and woke us up at 7+. Yay, slept for 1 hour+! It was quite refreshing :D

Then, we went to eat dimsum at 红心酒家. It sucked): Okay lah, not that bad. But its standard has deteriorated by quite a lot. The xiaolongbao sucked, seriously. It was the worst xiaolongbao that I've ever tasted -_- In fact, I think it can't even qualify as a xiaolongbao): I think it was because it wasn't fresh-from-the-kitchen type (cause the waitresses go around pushing carts full of food and then you order like that). There wasn't even any soup/sauce in the xiaolongbao! And the skin was horrible. It was chaojiwudi lousy): Oh well.

But hey, at least they still have awesome mango pudding and guilingao :D I really love their mango pudding omgx3 Okay, I pretty much love any kind of mango pudding, but that's not the point. The guilingao was nice also! Not too bitter. Quite smooth and nice(:

After that breakfast, we went home and I watched Barbie: Fairytopia, while my family members slept. (haha now their turn to sleep). Then ate lunch, and went to Thomson Plaza for the piano recital rehearsal. I think our (Xuanli and I) voices sound too forceful when we project them): And then the beauty and the gentleness of the song is gone. Sigh. Oh well.

Okay I shall not talk about anything else about today cause this is getting boring.

Oh yah, I said I'd explain why Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper is the best Barbie movie! Well firstly cause it is real. As in, it can really happen in real life. Cause there's no unicorns, fairies, mermaids or whatever. There's just a princess and royal families and normal people :D Also, it is the most mature Barbie movie! The characters are not immature and childish and whatever. And you can learn quite a lot of lessons from it. For example, we must do what needs to be done even though it might cause us our freedom or whatever. And it also teaches us to follow our dreams! And listen to our hearts while embarking on the journey of self-discovery :D It's hopeful, happy, sweet and nice(: FURTHERMORE, the songs that the characters sing are very, very nice. And hopeful. :D The dresses/fashion sense/beauty of the Barbies (and they are really quite chio) are just plus points :D OH AND THE BLOOPERS ARE FUNNY. HAHAHA. (The Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus bloopers are quite funny too hahahaha :D)

So, it is the best Barbie movie! (:

Okays, I shall rest my eyes and go sleep now or something(:

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Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ 12:51 PM
Okay, I've changed my mind. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper is the best barbie movie. I shall talk more about it later! Rushing to change and go to scape to meet lishuen now :D
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@ 11:03 AM
Days, hours, minutes, time...

Omg, it's 11+ already! Sigh I think I'm gonna waste today away again. Oh well. Omg, less than 30 days to the end of the holidays! That's kinda little :/ In fact, that's very little O: Okay, I promise that I'll start practising guzheng/read my textbooks or something next week D:

Okay lol, this is a pretty useless post. And I swear I have become more coherent since I've started blogging. Woohoo, it's good :D Lol.

And oh, I sort of created a twitter account (few weeks ago), but I find the home page irritating and damn sian cause I really don't feel like customising any page from scratch again -_- So I decided to heck care about twitter! :D Maybe someday in the future, when I suddenly have the urge to twit then I'll continue.

Okay, bye, I shall go off to polish my toenails now. HAHA :D

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Friday, December 3, 2010 @ 10:32 PM
Hi, omg, I can't believe it, I'm finally starting on something that is really meaningful! Haha and this is kinda like woohoo chiong and chiong and woohoo go and just go type you know. LOL. It's quite cool lah, actually. But I really want to do this :D Cause it's something that I really enjoy! That's why :D Hee.

Sigh my brother updated his iPod Touch software so all his applications are gone now): Including tap tap and mega jump omg I 辛辛苦苦 play all the way until level 10 and we unlocked the mega magnet and everything and now it's all gone -_- Sian to the max. ttm. ._. And no more tap tap ): And I can't do anything else either cause my other brother sold his iPhone already.. Lol. Oh well. Nvm. I have books! :D And everything. Still have Sherlock Holmes left to read. And the 2 books (1 english 1 chinese) that I borrowed from Bishan Library when we went to Li Shuen's house the other day. The English one is Please Forgive Me by Melissa Hill :D And apparently it's a bestseller. Lol. Haven't really started on it yet. I think I'm currently on page 3 or something lol.

Aiya, I think The Time Traveller's Wife is still the best :D It's really the most amazing book ever... Brilliant story, extremely nicely paced plot, a combination of all the genres that I like. Omg, it's awesome. And yes, I've finished it. And yes, I cried a lot as I neared the ending. The ending is hopeful somehow. Yeah, even though Henry died): Audrey Niffenegger is an awesome writer. The story made me feel sad, but it didn't make me feel sad forever :D Like, it ends on a somewhat happy and hopeful note. And there's a lot of lessons learnt from it too. Yep, I'm a changed person. Lol. But this usually happens after I read an amazingly powerful book, or watch an impactful movie. Lalala. Haha I'm sure I won't be able to stop thinking about the story for days! :D

Omg I still can't believe it. We're starting lessons tomorrow already. Omg, this is like so fast. I never expected it to be so fast lol. But then again, I've already 'sworn' (sort of) that I'd start this holiday, and so I shouldn't be complaining now :D But it's just that I've been anticipating it for so long, and now it just suddenly hits me in the face! D<

You know, I think I'm a very constant person. I quite dislike changes. Most of the time. Or at times. I don't know. I dislike major changes that I have no control over. Actually, I virtually dislike every change that I have no control over. Like losing my pen, for example. Tingting you know what I'm like when that happens): I just get damn distracted and keep thinking about the thing that I've lost/where it could be at. But eh, I think sometimes I'm not that crazy over changes also. Sometimes I adopt this 顺其自然 and 'oh well, it's fate' attitude and just continue being happy. Hm. I'm weird. LOL. I know that already. Hahaha. LOL. Okay stop zihighing. Hehe, I think I'm starting to post in blog language again! Oh well.

Oh yah, I wanted to say that nowadays(/weeks) I seem to keep falling down or something -_- I keep getting new scars. Yeah, I think in the recent weeks I've gotten 3 new scars or something. And they're not small scars okay. There's this huge one at my right shin(?)(is this what you call the part below your knee)(okay fine I mean the place right in between my feet and my knee) that I got from accidently stepping into the drain downstairs and scraping my leg on the side of the drain -_-, and there's another one below my left ankle which I got from (what the hey) stepping into the drain (hole) (again) at the um lane beside United Square just as I was getting into the car... But actually, that one is quite heng cause if the sidewalk didn't exist I'm sure I would have broken my ankle or something :/ So oh well. And when I was out just now, I slipped and fell just as I was about to step up onto the sidewalk after crossing the road. Now I have a new scar on my left shin :/ There's also another (ugly) scar (that resembles a cigarette burn omg) on my left foot from a blister that I got while walking in my new ripples black sandles a few weeks ago -_- It's damn ugly and damn dark D: Sigh.

Oh well, I guess that's life :D Hahaha. Okay, I should go sleep now! Omg it's 10.51pm already. I'm kinda very exited for tomorrow :D Hee. Haha I feel like ending with another picture! :D (Hm strange, people usually start with pictures but I end with pictures. Oh well.)

Eh omg I have nothing to say. I just felt like showing a cartoon house LOL. Handdrawn house :D Hee. Okay lah, real picture here :D

Omg, don't you think that he's really so damn cuteeee DD: x333 omggggggggggggggggg! (hearts like siao)

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@ 11:14 AM
the story
Read it, cried, changed, thought, moved on.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 7:25 PM

Oh my god. I'm starting to feel sad. Real sad.

I've completely forgotten that this was supposed to be a sad book. It is a sad book. I haven't even reached that sad part yet, I think. I'm on page 387. Oh god.

I feel so sad now): It's like, I suddenly realised-;remembered;, that this story is sad. Some parts of this story are sad. I've been wondering at the coolness and uniqueness of the story that I've completely forgotten that it was supposed to be a sad story, as said by my friend. I would cry after I finish reading it. And I'm already starting to feel sad now although the sad part hasn't really come yet): Sigh.

I will be a changed person after I complete the book): I'm sure): Sigh.

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@ 6:16 PM
Barbie! :D

Lol people, ignore the previous post. I just felt like writing those words. And it doesn't mean anyone anyone here knows. Anyone whom I've told this link directly to, anyway. Not through msn pm or anything. So, ignore it(:

Lalala, today was quite interesting. Yes, I know this is weird coming out from me, cause I've pretty much spent my holidays like that for every school holiday before this one. Lol. I must really be changing. Oh well.

Woke up, read The Time Traveller's Wife for a while, then ate lunch. And then I started watching barbie movie marathon hahaha. Oh yah, before that, I went to piece in a few jigsaw pieces. You may wonder why I suddenly decided to watch barbie movies. Well, it's cause I suddenly craved for something that was familiar, nice, and has a happy ending. Every Barbie movie has a happy ending lol. And a moral to the story. Yep. And I felt like watching Fairytopia: Mermaidia so badly! I went hunting around for my old Barbie movie cds but couldn't find them -_- I wanted to watch the movie on the 42 inch LCD samsung flatscreen tv, you see. Anyway, I couldn't find the cds, so I decided to watch them online... Somewhere along the time when I was hunting for the full free movie online, I realised that youtube would be an awesome place for me to watch, so I started watching. (Obviously the movies are all split up into parts). After I finished the first one, I saw Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow part 1 in the uhm links bar on the right side (you know lah) and decided to watch that LOL.

Okay but before watching that, I wanted to rest my eyes for a while so I walked to Jelita (cold storage) to 'shop'. Oh yah, I wanted to buy English newpapers too. So I went, and walked around the supermarket, and saw that the Oreos were on sale. 2 for $2.50 LOL. And I bought them, along with a 2-litre bottle of milk. To go with the awesome Oreos :D Okay, spend 8.35 in total ._. I was loathe to use my $10 note but I didn't have a choice cause I only had 4 $2 notes): Oh well. Nvm, can claim from mum heeheeeeee LOL. Mmhmm, then came back and right after I was back in my house it started to rain O: Damn cool. The timing was like damn perfect. Lol.

Watched Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow and didn't really like it cause Mermaidia was better): Okay lah, it was fine, but I really love Mermaidia so it paled in comparison to Marmaidia :D haha. I don't know why I like Mermaidia though :/ Actually, I like the whole Fairytopia series :D It's so nice lalala. Diamond castle was quite dumb -_- Maybe cause it was a one-shot movie without any sequels or whatever to it. Maybe cause I'm biased and loved Mermaidia and Fairytopia too much. Lol. But I really like Fairytopia): I like Azura and Elina even though -to be honest- she's really quite immature at times. LOL. Well, it's for children, what can I say?

And then watched Diamond Castle. I love the song that they sang at the beginning! It's really awesome :D And their voices are very nice. (okay lah i know lishuen will say it's all autotuned but lalala whatever :x) And then I remembered that I used to have Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus! 3D version! It was quite cool :D That was a few years ago... 3D was a huge thing. Unlike now): Virtually every movie is like screened in 3D -_- Irritating sia. Will kill your eyes): Oh well. But it's quite cool, I guess... Although it will make my eyes bloody damn dry when I'm wearing contacts and the glasses block the flow of air to my eyes -_- (as seen from the example of Avatar in 3D)

I am going to watch the Magic of Pegasus someday hahahaha. Barbie movies are awesome okay. They are short and sweet (lol just felt like adding that) and they always have meanings behind them (no matter how childish they are) and they always have happy endings and they always make you feel good :D Lol I know I've exceeded the rule of 3 but whatever HAHA. Okay lol my brother wants to use the desktop and I'm too lazy to save this post as a draft here and move over to the laptop and continue typing and mozilla firefox with blogger is awesome and byebye haha :D

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@ 6:12 PM
You are such a loser.

I wanna laugh. I wanna laugh out loud so badly.

Ha, ha, ha. If what I see and what I think is right, then too bad. Omg, it's like you're experiencing the crap that I experienced, a few months later. Ha Ha Ha. I really wanna laugh out loud so badly.

But yeah, I can't. So oh well. Whatever.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 @ 8:36 PM
I am an incredibly selfish person.

Yes, because of many reasons indeed, but I shall not list them down here now because I don't have the mood and the patience to do that already. Because that sentence "I am an incredibly selfish person." and all the reasons why I am one floated around my head all throughout the period of time when I was bathing and now I can't write it all down because it is too repetitive.

Did I mention it before? I reflect a lot while I'm in the shower. Hui Ting Weird Fact #2. I think #1 was that I dislike Sundays. Oh well. Lol. I feel lame. Hahahaha.

Don't you think that the feeling you get is so nice when you come home way past your usual dinner time and there's still a plate of warm vegetable and one whole bowl of hot soup and and rice for you? It feels so.. Warm. Like there's someone who still really cares for you. And bothers to keep dinner warm for you even though they can just fk care and go on with their lives? Yep. It's awesome.

And now Empty by the Click Five is replaying itself over and over again in my head.

And I've found this mood again. And I like it. I'm content with everything in my life. I know what I should be doing, and I want to do it. I have something to do; something that's meaningful, something that won't waste my time away...

And tomorrow will be my real first free day in the holidays! I know what I can do, and what I will do tomorrow already :D I will not waste tomorrow away! This is the time for me to do what I wanted myself to do in the holidays :D Which is good.

I shall do something meaningful tonight too(: And okay, have fun in your lives, bye for now! :D


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