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Welllllll this is the public blog, so the things written here should be more-or-less stomach-able. ;) So I guess this is where I say the mandatory line:

This blog documents the thoughts and growth process of:
A free soul roaming the world in search of some meaning to life.

Pretty sure that's not the exact way I phrased it when I had my old blog skin but WTV HAHA.

Oooooh wait I think I wrote it as "lonely soul" instead of "free soul". But hey guys I've grown out of that emoshitz phase already alright ;)


人生就是要盡情地瘋 / I am a free soul.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 8:02 PM
I do.
Hi. The Time Traveler's Wife is an extraordinary book.

It is utterly moving, convincing and heartbreaking.

And I'm only on the 115th page. There are 518 pages in total.

This is probably the best book I've ever read. Memoirs of a Geisha was interesting and unique, but not as powerful as this book.

It really is amazingly beautiful.


Credits to Rebecca Tan Hui Shan

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Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 9:06 PM
I try too hard sometimes.

A very big thank you to...

Lam Li Shuen!

For helping me remember this idea that had been left abandoned in a forgotten corner of my mind for a very, very long time.


Thanks again! :D

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@ 8:06 PM
I wish 'Over You' was true for me.
HI! :D Haha I'm kinda lazy to post today lei...

Wanted to post earlier, but I went online in Facebook and started viewing Rebecca's photos and was extremely distracted :x And now my mood has changed! At first I was feeling quite sad, before seeing those photos): Cause I went to Plaza Singapura with my mum just now, to sign up for Yamaha's pop piano course. However, the person over the counter told me that no one has signed up for the group course yet -_- And this means that Yamaha will most probably postpone the first lesson to January 2011): Which means that I won't get to learn how to play the piano in the holidays. And I'm feeling sad): Sigh.

Omg, Sabrina is currently uncontactable DD: I need to talk to her urgently! Like, really really urgently. Preferably before December starts): But that's impossible, of course.. Sigh..

Sigh now I'm starting to feel sad again D: Arghhhhhhhh. OKAY anyway I was saying that my mood changed after I viewed Rebecca's photos right! Yep, that's because some of the photos were really damn funny omg HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Lalala. Especially the one when we were in the bedroom, and Ying Tong was in the foreground of the photo with her HAHAHADAMNFUNNY facial expression LOL. Joke! :D It cheered me up a lot :D I love you all! Hee.

Ehhh I want go Wild Wild Wet this holiday, I don't care D<

Haha I shall end off with a picture! :D A happy picture, I hope? Hm. Let's see :D

Let yourself smile even at the slightest things(:

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Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 6:13 PM

Today was... a Sunday. Yes. And you know my feelings towards Sundays):

I dislike Sundays in general. I dislike the monotony of Sundays, I dislike the feeling of not knowing and not feeling like doing anything on Sundays, and I dislike the predictability and the way in which time disappears so quickly on Sundays.

Yes, I dislike Sundays.

Yes, I'm weird that way, cause most people seem to like Sundays. Oh well.

Well at least there's something to be happy about :D It's still the holidays now! And yes, that sentence was constructed badly, but I just feel like saying it that way. Oh well.

Nvm, dinner now! :D Bye(:

Love life manzxc.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 10:34 PM
If you still believe, then we both can.

From now on, I shall start using random sentences/phrases/quotes for my post titles! :D I shan't say whether I made them up myself or copied them from the web or somewhere ;D Hee.

Lols. I'm starting to like SNSD! It is amazing, really. Cause yes, I'm not a kpop fan. In fact, I used to pride myself for not being obsessed over kpop or korean groups or whatever. But now I'm starting to like kpop! Oh no. Fiona all your fault larhs. Gee is stuck in my head): And Hoot is nice. I don't really like Genie though. Oh well. And did I mention this? SS501 is sexy. LOL. I like their fashion style and their dancing :D And their songs are quite nice too as well!

But I'm not a hardcore fan. I'm not even a fan, actually. I'm just liking them because, well, the melodies are quite catching etc.(: Lalala. Okays this is the end of this very short post :D Byes!

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@ 5:02 PM
Cooped up at home ):
Hi(: I am feeling very weird now. Yes, it's similar to the 'walao bloody sian it's a sunday afternoon' feeling. Actually, it's the same feeling. That feeling of not really wanting to do anything, not even wanting to sleep, and having this small headache-like thing worming around your head. It gets worse if I go to sleep, actually. And it sucks. Majorly. Walao damn sian -_- Play com game also sian, read book also sian, everything also sian wtfff. Argh. Oh well. I think I should go try playing the guzheng. I may feel better after that :/

I think I'll feel a lot better with music O: Just now, I decided to play tap tap on my brother's iTouch after I woke up (and started having this horrible feeling) and it worked :D Then I decided to listen to some music, and the feeling went away :D It's back now cause I'm not listening to any music -_- Argh. What's its problem ._. Irritating like siao larhs.

Yesterday, I went to Orchard by myself in the afternoon! Cause I was seriously damn tired of being cooped up in the house and I wanted to go out. So I went by myself O: Oh shoot speaking of which I have to wrap something up.. Oh well. Later :D Anyway, I went to Cine, and spotted Lin Jun Jie's store! His very own fashion line :D I never knew that it was in cine -_- I thought it was somewhere in Orchard Central, cause that time I saw it in the newspaper (dou hao?) they said that it was uhh in the middle of Orchard or something lah. Quite a long time ago. It's called Smudge! I like the name manzxc. And the logo is damn cool :D Haha. And they sell tshirts etc, for both males and females :D And it's on the fourth floor or something!

I didn't buy anything at Cine. After that, I went to Taka! Cause I was craving for the Hokkaido ice cream HAHA. The one with the partially triangular-shaped cone. Lychee flavour :D So I went to buy, and used my $50 note (at last). Lmao. I think this is the first time I've used a $50 note to pay for something which costs less than $10! Eh wait. Actually no lei. That day I went out with Fiona I used a $50 note to pay for my chicken rice which cost $6.80 -_- At 313's food court. Oh well. Okays, then I bought the ice cream ($4+) and walked around Taka for a while, then walked down Orchard road eating it :D It was awesome! I love Hokkaido triangular-shaped cone lychee flavour ice cream. LOL.

The one on the left is lychee flavoured and the one on the right is milk chocolate, I think! (not my picture, credits to someone on flickr)

Omgoose so awesome I wanna eat it again): The lychee flavour is awesome because at first taste you can taste milk in it as well! So it's like, milky + lycheey xD Chao nice!

Okays then I finished and went over to 313 and went down to Somerset mrt to find that shop :D Bought something, then went home.

And then at night, went to watch Unstoppable with my mum and my brothers! At the Grand Cathay at 10.05 pm. It was very nice. Thrilling, suspenseful, better than Harry Potter :x Lol. Serious. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the movie sucks): Okay not that bad lah, but it was far from what I expected it to be :/ lousy transitions, someone who hasn't read the book will not understand what happened at some points during the movie :/ Oh well. Hope part 2 will be better... Unstoppable is quite an interesting movie :D I mean, it's quite a new experience, cause you don't usually see movies about freight trains... I like it :D Haha.

Okay, I shall go play guzheng/wrap the present or something now (: Bye!

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Friday, November 26, 2010 @ 9:42 AM
Post class chalet!

Ahaha, hi! Class chalet is over): And it ended so fast. And coasta sands resort cheat people one. The chalet was supposed to be over a duration of 3 days and 2 nights, but it was barely 2 days and 2 nights. Because we checked in at around 3 pm and checked out at 10 am 2 days after -_-. But oh well, life's like this :D

Truth be told, we didn't really do much during the chalet. (Okay fine, we did less activities than we had planned), cause it rained a lot of the time): It rained on the first day, and rained on the second day as well -_- At first, we wanted to go cycling on the first day but it failed cause it rained (oh well). Then, we sort of postponed it to the next day's afternoon, but it rained again. Haha. We're not fated to cycle during the chalet! :x

Okay lah, actually that didn't really make the chalet less fun, because we had movies and poker cards and food and people! :D Omgoshhhh BRIDGEEEEEEEEEE. Michelle Cheryl Rebecca! Cheryl and Rebecca taught Michelle and me to play bridge :D I didn't get it at first (as usual) but after a game or two I got addicted to it HAHA. It's even better than big two garden! (Speaking of which, I don't understand why there's a 'garden' after the 'big two' O:) Cause there's the tension, you know. Big two garden is like so boring now :x HAHA. Bridge is so addictive D<

Anyway, other than that, we (as in other people as well as the four of us), played cheat too :D It was very funny :D And I learned how to end the game when it's not in my favour HAHA. I won once or twice :x Not bad already lahhhh. We had a movie marathon on the first night too! (Although Michelle and I and other people went to sleep after the first movie was over, cause we started the marathon real late, at like 12+ -_-) The first movie we watched was 500 Days of Summer (and 1 day of Autumn LOL) but I didn't really like it :/ Maybe it's because I was already quite tired when I was watching it? Anyway, yes, I was yawning like siao when it was nearing the end :x Then, it ended and a lot of people wanted to sleep already. But the others who didn't want to yet (aka Cheryl, Xuanli, Li Shuen, Shinyee and Ting Ting?) went to the living room and watched Meet the Parents and high school musical and idk what else. And they stayed up the whole night wtf. Chao qiang. I will never be able to do that! Sleep is precious :D

For the first night I was sleeping in the middle of the two beds (that we pushed together), between Michelle and Sabrina. Then for some reason when I woke up 1++ hours after 500 Days of Summer I was sleeping at Michelle's place and Sabrina and Fiona had the whole bed to themselves. Tsktsk arhhhh. Anyway, I couldn't really sleep cause it was damn hot (aircon was 26 degrees celcius wtf) and Michelle and I went out to the living room (which was way cooler than the bedroom!) and saw the people there watching high school musical 3 LOL. Stayed and watched for a while, then Michelle said that the room was quite cool already and we went in :D Then we slept again. And we didn't really sleep well until 5+ when Etsuko had to wake up and go off to debate or something. After that Michelle and I shared the bed and it was wayyy better and I had 2 hours of undisturbed sleep until 7.30 when my phone alarm rang LOL. It was amazing, because my phone alarm was damn loud already but the others still weren't awake :x hahaha. I think it's cause I'm very sensitive to my alarm tone? O: Oh well.

OH I FORGOT ANOTHER AWESOME PART OF THE CHALET! It was when Rebecca took artistic jump shots of Fiona and me :D We took a lot of photos! On the first night, we took turns jumping off from the chair in the living room. And it was quite dangerous (yes indeed) because we landed on the floor O: Then the second day/night came and we realised that we could jump on the beds! It was damn awesome :D Cause we could do so many more poses and it was perfectly (okay quite) safe! :D Safer than jumping from the chair, anyway. Rebecca is an awesome photographer.

And oh you might be wondering why there aren't any photos. Well, it's because I was too lazy to take photographs :x It's like when I go overseas. I'm kinda lazy to take all the photographs.. Unless I'm in the mood O: Haha. Oh and I think it's also because we had Li Shuen and Rebecca and Fiona taking photos most of the time, so I figured it'll be okay if I didn't take any HAHA. The memories are all lodged into my head :D

Hmm. OH I forgot to talk about the barbeque on the first night! It was awesome too :D HAHA practically everything was awesome :D Oh yahh there's also the bonding games that we played in the morning of the second day! I shall talk about the barbeque first :D I think we were supposed to start the barbeque at 6+ or something, but it drizzled/rained a bit so we pushed it back till later :/ Which was also one of the reasons why the movie marathon started late. Well, at first, when a group of us was starting fire and the charcoal everything was starting, the other group of us was inside watching The Proposal. Hahaha I was watching The Proposal :x Then blahblahblah, movie ended, and we all went out to help :D The satays were awesomeee. The chicken pieces would have been nicer if the seasoning wasn't sour (as in, not the uhm decomposing kind of sour), and the stingray was not nice cause barbeque stingrays are not very nice because they are not like the hawker centre kinds that are awesome and soft and damn damn damn delicious. The soft garlic bread was awesome! We used the microwave to heat it up :D It was damn hard and cold at first LOL. Actually, the best was the salmon O: I have no idea why we had salmon to bbq (it was in the package), because usually people don't bbq salmon right... But it turned out so damnnnnnnn nice omg it was awesomeee :D Then we ate a lot and bbqed a lot then the end(: (HAHA abrupt ending much).

I loved the games we played in the morning of the second day! "Game of tempo", "murderer (the hand squeezing way and the winking way" and "the reach-your-hand-into-the-middle-and-grab-the-hand-of-the-person-who's-opposite-you" (wthey is it called -_-) and "Introduce yourself" and "pass-the-poker-cards-till-you-get-a-full-house (full house as in not the big two garden full house but the real full house where you have all four cards of that number)" :D Damn fun! I miss our awesome class already): Oh noo next year have to separate liao.. DD: Oh wells.

We can have more class outings! Haha :D

And it looks like today is the day (finally) when I stay at home and waste my time away on the computer and on reading books. First time in the holidays that I'm doing this! Speaking of which, ARGHHH I NEED TO GO DHOBY GAUT PLAZA SING AND SCAPE SOON. Xuanli Sabrina and Li Shuen! D<

Okay okay, byebye :D I shall sell my old books soon. Like really. Like really really. And Ting Ting and Fiona and Rebecca and everyone else we should go wild wild wet together someday SOON :DDD


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 @ 9:14 AM
Pre Class Chalet :DD

Omg hi excited max :D (quotes tingting and fiona).

Class chalet! Wahahahas. Actually, I have nothing else to say here. LOL. So this is a pretty useless post. Hahaha. Okay byebye I shall continue packing and doing whatever needs to be done :D

See you later!

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Monday, November 22, 2010 @ 8:36 PM

Dinner with mum after kbox.

Desert platter LOL.

Awesome oreo cheese cake :D

kbox! Group photo. I look fat.

Hee Lishuen singing. Michelle looking bored o_o

I like this :D though it's blurry

Okay, bye! I think I should pack tomorrow :/ ah sian. dunnooo! Nvm, byebye(:

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@ 7:40 PM
Shopping :D

Went out with Fiona today! I realised that we really walked a lot O: We went to City Hall and Orchard, and shopped a lot and spent a lot of money.

Well, we met at City Hall mrt at 10am (I was early yay :D) and then went to citylink mall then realised that most of the shops were closed and decided to go to raffles city shopping centre. Most of the shops there were closed too, except for the food stores. And this huge supermarket. Which was patronised by a lot of Caucasians. Then Fiona bought a bottle of green tea and we went to walk around the whole of the shopping centre (that was still not fully opened) and talked :D Then we stumbled upon this shop that sold not-that-expensive items! And I bought two things for $1.50 HAHA. Damn cheap! :D That was our first buy of the day(: Fiona bought this dog tag chain thing with her name on it which was pink in colour. For $2 :D

Then we went to the basement again cause it was 10+ already and the shops should be opened already. We walked around, and I saw That CD Shop and I introduced Fiona to the High Society music! It's really damn ex -_-''. And then we saw NBC, then gave each other spastic smiles then walked briskly towards it LOL. I think we spent quite a long time in there, looking at all the stuffs and deciding on what to buy :D I really love that shop! It's quite awesome. (though it's kinda ex as well...) I bought something there, and Fiona bought alot of things there (lol) then we went off! Then we went to gongcha and I bought Fresh Milk with Herbal Jelly ($3.40 argh so ex):) and Fiona bought Milk Tea with pearls. Which cost $2.50 only ._. Sigh. But the drinks are really awesome :D Fiona chose 80% for her sugar level and it was damn sweet -_- Okay next time I know liao :D Must choose 50%. It's crazy; 80% is already so sweet, who knows what 100% would be like.. Sweet until bao. LOL.

Yepyep then we decided to go Orchard! 313/Cine :D Cause the stuffs at cine are quite cheap. Anyway, we went to 313 first and ate lunch. Dammnittttttt the lemon chicken rice at their food court cost me $5.80 -_- Wtshittt. It's almost enough to buy two plates of lemon chicken rice at coro larhs. Morever the lemon chicken rice also wasn't that delicious :/ But nvm. I think I successfully convinced myself to 'enjoy the feel of being rich and not care about saving money' while I was eating. Then we went to hmv, and I bought the two books! :D Now I have three mew thick books at home that I haven't started reading yet. Woohoos. Fiona bought some stuff there. Then we went to Harris next door, and Fiona bought something again. Omg lah she buy a lot la HAHA. :D Okay then we went Forever 21 cause we decided to take a break from looking at all the accessories etc! The clothes weren't very nice :/ Though Fiona bought something (YET AGAIN). And before we (she) paid we (she) tried on a lot of different, chaojiwudi boomzxc hairbands LOL. There was this bright greenish-turquoise flower one which looked quite nice on her (LOL). But the best was one with a black-and-gold-sequined ribbon on top of it :D It fit her to the max! (though she looked a bit like lady gaga with her hair down hehe).

Then we went to cine and scape and at cine we bought stuffs again haha. While Fiona was eating ice cream, I calculated the total amount of money I spent! It added up to around $50, including the books :/ But if you don't count in the books, then it's $30. Which is a lot as well -_-. (don't count the books cause my mum gave me money to buy them :D) Fiona's is the best :D Her list of bought items was damn long! Cause it also included the stuffs she bought for herself. I think she spend $44.something in total, up till that point in time..

After that, we went scape then taka and stayed in taka's kinokuniya for damn long then went home(: OMG TAKA'S KINOKUNIYA IS SIAO. It's damn, damn, DAMN, freaking big WTHEY. It's DAMN BIG IT'S BIGGER THAN ISETAN OR SOMETHING. Youknow, those big department stores that they have inside shopping malls.. And because it was so big, it had 10 thousand and 2 hundred books and we were lost inside the towering shelves of different adventures and were not able to make our way out of the worlds. Anyway, I found Inkheart at last! It costs $18+. Yay, this means that I saved $4 when I bought it at the book fair outside Plaza Sing :D I found Jinx too, and it cost $14.. Wthey, why is it so expensive? It's not that good.. (In my opinion.) We sat down in one corner and read Mr. Midnight books :x Goddd, the stories were really damn boring -_- I can't believe I used to love it. Omg lah. Anyway, they cost $6+, so I think I shall sell my own collection for $4 or something :x Haha.

Okay I'm kinda tired of talking already, so here are the pictures that I've promised you all a few days ago! (Actually it's quite a number of days ago).

Okay blogger is irritating me again so I shall upload the pictures using another post ._.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ 6:23 PM

:D ni hao. Today was yet another boring Sunday again... Wake up, ate breakfast at home (yay bread xD), went to my bro's junior's house at woodlands to visit the dog cause her family is out of the country and she asked my brother to go there and stay and help take care of the dog which is a sheep dog, tuition, and home. Lalala, the usual. Lol. Okay, maybe except for the going-to-my-bro's-junior's-house part. I started reading Jinx as well! It's quite a normal book ._. And I just realised that it's by Meg Cabot. Lol. Okay no offense to Meg Cabot's fans -aka tingting- :D heee. I'm gonna finish it soon O: Since it's like, only 200+ pages long... Sigh. Shouldn't have bought it. But oh well.

Anyway, I'm going out with Fiona tomorrow! :D Go mass shopping. Haha. Eh, you know, I think all this travelling-around-Singapore-to-friends'-houses-and-to-shop made me lose fats! Surprisingly, I'm __._kg now O: (I decided to censor cause i'm still weight conscious hee and there may be some people who may be reading this blog so oh well. But I'm fine with telling it to 213ners!). ANYWAY, I know what to wear for tomorrow already :D I think sunglasses are involved.

NEXT, you know what? I (Mignon) found some (old) guzheng jackets in the guzheng room! Omg awesome or what. HAHAHA OMG I HAVE A GUZHENG JACKET NOW! I feel so happy :D HEEHEE XUANLI AND TINGTING BOTH OF YOU CANNOT COME AND SHOW OFF ANYMORE :x Woohoos. I think the jackets have been left in there for quite a while already.. But it smells okay :D As in, it's not visibly rotting or moulding or anything disgusting like that...

Sigh there's something wrong with D: I want to watch a movie, but can't watch now :/ Oh well, nvm, there's still time for me to watch in future! :D I REALLY LOVE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON IT'S REALLY AN AWESOME MOVIE! Okay pardon me for that outburst.

Hm. I don't feel like uploading photos now :x Sorry! :D I shall go watch anime or something(: Tatas. (where the hey did 'tatas' come from)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010 @ 8:03 PM
How To Train Your Dragon

Woohoos :D Heyheyhey!

One movie down and lots more to go! Haha :D I just watched 'How To Train Your Dragon' on! It is an awesome movie, really :D Even though it feels as if it's supposed to be for children.. It looks that way, but it's actually not :D Its plot is quite nice, appropriately paced, and the dragon is OMG DAMN CUTE WTHHHHHHHH. REALLY DAMN CUTE REALLY DAMN CUTE OMG I LOVE HIMMMMMMM :DD It really is a very nice movie! :D

Once next week is over, I'm gonna have a lot of free time, and I'm going to watch a lot of movies at home :D anyone who wants to come my house and watch with me can come LOL :D I also found another form of entertainment for myself! Jigsaw puzzles. I found this 500 piece puzzle somewhere in my house and decided to piece it together LOL. Wait, the real motive behind it is to check whether all 500 pieces are there. Cause it's quite old already, and I don't really like the design, and I'm thinking of selling it along with other stuffs in my house :x Like my books! Mr Midnight books etc. Mary Kate and Ashley, Famous Five, Witch, blahblahblah. Then can earn some money as well :D Hahahahahha.

I know how to play 晴天 on the guzheng already! I found the scores at my brother's friend's house :x Haha. Amazingly, she has a guzheng in her house! And her guzheng is a lot better than mine -_- and a lot more accurately tuned. LOL. Nehmind. I shall go find my tuner some day and tune my guzheng haha.

Okay, bye bye bye bye bye :D
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Friday, November 19, 2010 @ 6:21 PM
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@ 5:38 PM

I didn't blog yesterday, cause yesterday was just too boring.. Besides, I was immersed in Memoirs of a Geisha all the way from the time I came home till 10+, when I decided to go to bed :x In the middle, I went to eat dinner and bathe, of course.

Haha and super miraculously, I finished the book! It is really an awesome novel. The tale is so gripping and it makes you want to keep reading on! :D And it feels so real. I should buy the book so that I can read it whenever I want to in the future :x Haha.

Okay, as to why yesterday [and today, for that matter] was extremely boring, it was because of a damn damn damn slack guzheng practice session! In the morning, the teacher practised with the people who were taking grade 9 exam this year, and the other half were told to transcribe scores.. [into numbers, of course]. Yep, I was in that other half, since I didn't need to practise O: We transcribed for practically the whole morning, then we went to eat lunch! Ate at Golden Rooster, and for the first time in my life I ordered something other than lemon chicken rice - normal fried rice! It was quite delicious :D Yay, now I have an alternative to choose from whenever people want to go to Coronation to have their meal lol.

Mmhmm, then lunch was over, and we went back to school. And I was back to transcribing again while teacher practised with the grade 6 (?)(is it?) people, cause yes, I didn't have to practise again. The grade 9 people came to help this time. Blah blah blah, I transcribed a few more pages, and read Memoirs of a Geisha occasionally after I've finished a page, and blah blah blah, the session ended. Oh yah I forgot, before we went to lunch the teacher gave us a song she compiled from the various Christmas carols available :D The medley is awesome! It sounds so damn nice. Like really, damn damn damn nice. Well, I supposed that was the one good thing I got from practise yesterday :x Some time in the very very near future I shall familiarise myself with that song! (and touch my guzheng for the first time in many, many, many months)

Oh, there's also another good thing I got from yesterday's practise. I SORT OF learnt how to read notes :D From the transcribing (is there such a word) process! I am QUITE familiar with G major already :D Awesome! Oh well. First step to something new :x

ANYWAY, today was pretty much the same, blah blah blah. Just that I had the chance to touch the guzheng more(: Haha. And oh, today I learnt how to read C major :x even though I'm still not as familiar with it as G major. And yes, I still do NOT know how to read alphabets :/ I have this feeling that when I finally start learning piano, I'll transcribe them into numbers inside my head first before I play O: Lol.

Okay, okay, end of story :D Byebye! And sorry for no photos again. The camera's still with my bro :/

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 10:23 PM

Hi, hi, hi.

Bad news, sigh): My brother won't be returning the camera till a week later -_- which is, of course, very bad. It means that I can't upload the photos D: And it means that my blog will be full of words. Only. AND OMG I HAVE TO GET IT BACK FROM HIM BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY! Or else I won't be taking photos during chalet. Which is bad, bad, bad, indeed. Oh well.

Nvm! Went to Li Shuen's house today again :D Yay, I'm happy to say that I've made progress in Mario Kart! :D I got 2nd two times or something. Muahahaha. And I skipped lunch today O: I think it didn't really matter though, because I had my breakfast at around 10 am or something this morning.. Okay but I started getting hungry at 4+ pm :x and I ate two kitkat small-bars and some potato chips and some chocolate! :D Yep, I know, I'm a pig(: A greedy pig): Oh no. Next time when I visit Li Shuen's house again I shall not stuff myself with her food [angryface].

Anyway, I've borrowed Memoirs of a Geisha from her! :DD And -cough- I'm at the 111th page already. Lalala I know I'm supposed to be completing Pride and Prejudice before I start on any other book, but I just can't resist the urge :x Oh no, I still have 2 other unopened books that I bought at the Carrefour (is that how you spell it ._.) book fair outside Plaza Singapura! Inkheart and Jinx. :D I bought Inkheart at $14, Jinx at $8. It's supposed to be cheaper than usual, but I'm not really sure -_- Argh, I have to go to some random book store and check! Oh, and I'm going to buy The Time Traveller's Wife and Sherlock Holmes (Volume 1) from HMV :D BECAUSE IT'S DAMN DAMN DAMN CHEAP OMG. You know, HMV always have this promotion thingy.. They sell 2 books for $20 and those two books above are included in the collection. -OMG IT'S LIKE DAMN CHEAP!- I went to the Times book store at Jelita yesterday, and saw The Time Traveller's Wife. Apparently they sell it for 21.something dollars -_- WTHEY. I'm sure Sherlock Holmes is quite expensive well. I must go to 313's HMV and buy those two books!

I should be reading Chinese books as well. And the Chinese newspaper. Omg that reminds me - I haven't read 2 newspaper articles today yet! Sighhh. I shall read 4 tomorrow [angryface].

I've just realised that there're a lot of things that I have to take note of during the holidays :/

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Read at least 2 Chinese news articles every day.
  3. See all the movies that you want to see.
  4. Stretch daily (so that you would [hopefully] be able to [front]split by the end of the holidays.
  5. Read all the books that you want to read.
  6. Read Chinese books.
  7. Don't spend so much money.

Aiyo! Speaking of which, I should go drink a cup of water now. :/ And I'm kinda tired already. Omg there's still Guzheng practice tomorrow.. From 9 am to 5 pm. -_- Sian. Okay, okay, I shall be a faithful person and enjoy it :D After all, I -cough- haven't touched a guzheng in ages. LOL. Okay lah bye :D (hearts).

OH by the way I found something interesting.

Look at the cbox! Someone named 'Shika' commented. Is it one of you, by any chance? O:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ 10:21 PM
I need a CD player.
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@ 6:47 PM

Hi all, I know I said I would upload the photos, but my brother (2nd) took the camera so I'm afraid we'd have to wait till tomorrow or something): Oh well.

Nevermind, I shall try my best to illustrate what happened and hope I don't give up halfway LOL. Yesyesyes, yesterday, Xuanli, Michelle, Cheryl, Lishuen and I went to Marina's kbox and sang (lol) for 3 hours :D It was quite fun, actually. We have quite different tastes in music O: Most of the time, it was either Xuan Li and Li Shuen singing or Michelle and me haha. Cheryl sang by herself :x (Hollaback girl! HAHA) Then there's one point in time when both Li Shuen and Cheryl sang together :D Chaoji funny, I tell you. (OH I REMEMBER.) The song was Beyonce's Irreplaceable! Both of them were standing up on the sofa, but Lishuen was just standing (quite still-ly) while Cheryl danced :D The contrast was quite amusing!

Ohh, and the food. I felt that it was quite okay lah. I liked the mei2 cai4 :D And I koped all of Michelle's mei2 cai4 cause she disliked it lol. I think I ate a lot ._. Cause I finished my whole 'bento' and still koped food from the others. HAHA.

In the end, we chose too many songs and weren't able to finish singing all of them :/ The best part was when we sang 'It's My Life' xDD Chaoji awesome. All of us knew the song (okay fine I admit I don't really know the tune veryvery well but still.) then we were all singing like siao :D I think we were damn loud! Loud until the people outside our room (or maybe the room beside ours) could hear us HAHA. Anyway, it was fun! :D

Then our time was up, and we left. Xuanli had to go off somewhere else :/ The rest of us could stay longer though. Cheryl wanted to go to the arcade and play so we crossed to bridge to Suntec and went to Suntec's arcade :D I tell you, I spent damn a lot of money there -_- Okay, not really damn a lot lah, but you know ._. Yesyes, we played this hit-the-screen-using-the-ball thing (I really don't know what it's called) and of course, basketball! Lishuen and I vs Michelle and Cheryl (for the basketball) :D Lishuen and I won heeeee. :D Then we went off and played Mario kart (is it?) and I was in the lead one lorh. Just that when we were nearing the final line (this phrase suddenly looks weird), someone (Li Shuen) went to boom me with the tornado or something -_- Rawr. Then I became last): Oh well. I swear I can play Mario kart so much better when I'm in the arcade than when I'm playing Wii ._. It's so much easier to control D<

Then, we went to play the mentos thingy. You know, the one that resembles the coin dozer application in iPhone. For our first try, Cheryl got us quite a lot of mentos. Then the next few tries, we got nothing D<>

Anyway, the buffet sucked lol. The quality of the food is quite lousy ._. Okay lah, it was acceptable, but it didn't meet my expectations :/


As you all know, we had American Maths Contest in the morning. Then some of us went to KAP to plan class chalet stuff! It was done quite quickly :D We spent most of our time eating and playing games, actually.

Then Xuanli, Li Shuen, Sapui and I went to Orchard! To check out Ocean Butterflies. Omg, SCAPE is awesomeee. We found this place named 'CHAT' where youths can hang out or study. There're even free refreshments (lol) like Milo (lol), Lipton tea etc. Interesting :D There's also wifi access there! And it's free :D awesome or what! There're board games too - for you to play when you have nothing else to do (lol).

Hm. Lalala as expected of me, I'm kinda lazy to continue already :x Anyway, my stomach is grumbling as well! DINNER [angryface]. Byebye :D Hopefully, I'll be able to upload the pictures and blog more tomorrow :D

Yay, Lishuen's house tomorrow [again]! I wanna play wii :D Mario kart! And baseball (lol.) OKAY BYE!

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Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 10:15 PM

I shall blog tomorrow, maybe in the afternoon or at night, since it is already 10.15(: And I feel so sleepy already.

Yay, I'm happy, because I just read 2 Chinese news articles :D From today onwards I shall force myself to read at least two news articles daily. (Chinese ones. And when I say 'read', I mean reading with depth and understanding what I'm reading(:

Nites :D

Btws I took quite a number of photos today!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ 6:16 PM
Kbox anyone):
Hihi I'm back again :D

Today was.. A boring day :/ Woke up, played some computer games, ate lunch, watched tv for a while then went off to tuition. And now I'm back. Argh. Boring to the max.

Omg I just remembered. Rachel wu can't go with us to kbox tomorrow! Cause apparently her parents doesn't allow (heard from michelle) DD: Wtheyyy. Now there's only Li Shuen, Michelle and I left. How to go sing together, I ask you -_- 4 people was bad enough already D: Sigh. Furthermore, I was really looking forward to tomorrow! I think it'd be postponed now D: Michelle suggested that we go during class chalet. It's feasible, I think :D Cause there'd be a lot of people! And we can go for the night one :D Maybe from 2 to 7 or something! Awesome :D Argh, but what about tomorrow?! D: Sigh. I'd have nothing to do again ._. I don't want to stay at home): Well, I guess I can go visit MustardSeed.. But I don't feel like visiting now :/ So abrupt. Argh!

I suppose the 3 of us can go somewhere to shop or something?

OH I just remembered! If we're going kbox during the class chalet then Sophia won't be able to come along. Rahhhh. This is so complicated [angryface]

Wahahs. Okay I shall ignore tomorrow for the moment. I have to go sign up for the pop piano course! And source for secondhand pianos. And Oceam Butterflies.

Oh and yay, I know what to do during the holidays already! (at least, one of the things that I could do) I shall go watch the movies that I've been wanting to watch :D Online! My tuition teacher introduced this website to me - or something. Apparently, the movies load quite quickly and their quality is not bad :D Yay, can watch The Matrix (again), X-men, and everything else :D Woohoos.

Okay byebye for now(:

Sigh, TOMORROWWWW [angryface]

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Saturday, November 13, 2010 @ 6:31 PM
New wallet!

Hi, I'm back from Toa Payoh! My mum just bought this wallet for me :D The design of the box is so chio! Haha. If you want to give it to a friend, you don't have to bother about wrapping it any further :D Apparently this is some foreign brand, and it's made of real leather or something. However, there isn't a compartment on the outside for you to place your coins ): The seller says it's like that because the currency of foreign countries like America/France/Japan/Korea don't have much loose change? Oh well. But the design of the wallet itself is really very special! :D

The box.

Macro shot(: Which explains why the ribbon is clear but the leaning tower is not clear!

The wallet and the box :D There's a choice of pure white colour, and a more beige-ish colour. I couldn't decide at first, and asked my mum to choose which colour was suitable for me based on her perception of my personality :x She chose the beige-ish coloured one! :D Well, I guess I sort of agree, cause the white-coloured one is quite uhm, normal..

Super macro shot.

That's all for now! :D I like the girl's hair :x By the way, there isn't any design on the back of the wallet(: And it's just that little bit slimmer and shorter than my green St. Louis wallet!

Bye :D


By the way, I found some old Lin Jun Jie CDs! Including the 曹操 album, the lyrics to his 6th album and 林俊杰24首K歌金曲 LOL. Hm. It's a video cd. So I'm not sure whether we can play it in the car or not ): Sigh)): Anyway I realised something O: His 6th album is extremely different from his 7th! In Sixology, his songs are all quite cheerful, and the album pictures all show him smiling hugely. But in 一百天 he's emo all the way -_- Drastic change much?! Omg his new album is going to be released in the stores soon! I wanna buy it :D x3!

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Friday, November 12, 2010 @ 8:21 PM


Okay sorry for those of you who don't know, I'm talking about MapleStory :x

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@ 7:59 PM
Hi, this post is dedicated to Fiona.
(And maybe TingTing too)

I will remember the bubble.

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@ 6:00 PM

Heyhey :D More pictures from lishuen's house that I was too lazy to upload that day! :x hahaha.

Supposed to be orange, but I decided to leave it in swirls haha. The spoon looks very cool :D I think the whole thing looks like some kind of awesome tasting high-class pudding! hahaha :D

Red + yellow(:

Yellow. First twirl I made :x

Damnnnn chio. Red! First colour that we mixed :D This turned into hot pink in the end :/


AWESOME, AWESOME OMELETTE THAT I COOKED FROM THE LEFTOVER EGG YOLK. Did I upload this picture before already? Oh well nvm. Even if I did, can see it again :D I love the eggs!


Last picture for that day! Xuanli and I on the mrt train before she got off at dhoby. Yes, it's blurry, but it's the nicest one out of all :x

Then it was school the next day! Rebecca, Fiona and I went to eat sogurt after 英雄!

Our 15 dollars + yogurt :D

Picture of the one that Fiona, TingTing and I went to eat today! I just came back from kap :D Cause after we finished our yogurt, fiona still felt like eating something :D So we decided to go IC at kap! LOL. I didn't eat any ice cream there though. Fiona ate burnt caramel flavour (which was awesome) and TingTing ate apple pie-flavoured ice cream! I coped some from each of them :x Then after that, we went to cold storage (as usual) and bought one bacon stick each. (Finally there're 3 bacon sticks available at the same time ._.) HAHA we're like pigs lah! LOL.

Another picture of the yogurt~ I'm starting to like rainbow sprinkles :x

Jingci's rooster. DAMN CUTE RIGHT.

Closer up(:

Kite flying in the sky.

LOL no lah it's actually the computer screen. We (Rebecca and I) were using this geo sketchpad (?) programme during journey through the geo world :/

Haha can see the cursor lol.

Yup, that's the end of the photos! :D I think I'm gonna turn fat soon. Sigh.

Hey people must remember to rent/bring movies for class chalet! And you know what, I am going to find a day and watch all the chinese movies that are set in olden China :D Like 14 blades, The Treasure Hunter (or something)(starring Jay Chou! Hee :D), 花木兰, 赤壁 etc! 英雄 as well. Haha. Okay bye, I shall go off and read Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows) now! :D

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 @ 7:46 PM
Lishuen's house!

Hi all again :D So cool, I spent the whole day at Lishuen's house today! From 9 plus till 6.30 pm :D We did a lot of stuff! And as usual, I was late -_-. At first I thought Sabrina, Rachel wu and dunno who else were going as well, but then Lishuen said that only yanli, xuanli and I were going. And of course, this 'outing' became a rehearsal! I was the only one going by mrt and meeting lishuen at serangoon): Yanli was, of course, fetched there by her dad. Xuanli couldn't come till 1.30 pm :/

I tell you, Lishuen's house was awesome! I really love it :D It's a mixture of vintage and modern design! I really, really love the design and the whole feel of the house :D The second level has this reall nice smell! It's like, the smell of an old bookstore.. There's this woody smell, and also the smell of parchment :D So nice! Her room was awesome. It has a modern design (and the beds are modern also LOL) but somehow it seems to fit into the picture perfectly! It's chaojiwudi cool lorh :D

Okayokay next, yanli arrived! Then we started practising. At first my voice cmi cause never warm up -_- then I went a little out of tune haha. The song is stuck in my head! Pink Martini's Splendor in the Grass(:

It is really meaningful and nice! And then lalalallalalaa. We practised, then we went downstairs to make frittatas, play wii and watch a movie. The frittatas were awesome! Although at first we forgot to add in the cream and added in a bit too much for one of them later -_- lol. Pictures!

The frittatas by themselves :D the aluminium box on the left was actually meant for xuanli, but AHEM I WONDER WHO ARH suggested that we just eat it in the end. HAHA.

The frittatas on the table of food! This table was in front of lishuen's sofa in the living room :D And it's like wthey lah, got so much food -_- I told her that if I went to her house for a sleepover someday, I confirm will get fat(:

Pictures of the chocolate bar :D

Okay then we watched 'Get Smart', and went to eat at a Thai-Indian restaurant near her house. Unfortunately, I started having terrible cramps and didn't have the appetite to eat ): Since there wasn't a lot of people eating (actually there's almost no other groups of people except for us), I went to an empty table to sleep while lishuen and yanli ate their pineapple rice and curry. When I woke up I felt a lot better :D Yup then we went back, and practised again cause yanli had to go soon! At first the cramps were still very persistent. But then after we(I) started singing they went away completely woohoos. I swear singing is really awesome.

Then xuanli came and blahblahblahblahblah, yanli left, blahblahblah and we(lishuen,xuanli&me) went downstairs to bake the rainbow cake at 3 :D It was quite fun haha. We also made omelette cause we had 3 egg yolks left(: lol we added like 3 more eggs or something then (I) cooked the awesome omelette+ham+cheese+mushrooms!

Mixing the mix.

Pouring the mixture into bowls. So that we can add the colours. I like these pictures :D

Rawr sorry people I'm really too lazy to upload the other photos cause blogger is very irritating -_- Though the other photos are really quite artistic :D Okay nvm. After we cooked we went to play wii! Tennis, baseball and mario kart. Baseball was funny :D I beat lishuen in the tennis game! But she thrashed me in mario kart -_- Argh I was never good at it D: I think it's cause I only play it like twice every year or something -_- Oh well. Then at 6.30 or something we left for home :D

Omgoose I spent the whole day at her house! And it's not for some homework or whatever school project one :D Cool or what! First person whose house I spent the whole day at mostly for fun :D

I want to go to her house again! It's really very nice :D I love the design and everything. Haha.

Okay bye!(:

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010 @ 10:26 PM
hee :D
HI ALL I'M BACK AGAIN! HAHAHAA. Oh my goosh I think I should just give up on posting in perfect english because - i'm sorry to say this - but that's never going to work out. I just CAN'T DO IT! So irritating narhs. OKAY NO I SHALL STICK TO MY PROMISE.
Anyway, my purpose here is to type out the list of things that I have to do in the near future! :D

List of things to do (in the near future)
  1. Get the hello kitty keychain!
  2. Wake up at 7+ tomorrow, and reach serangoon mrt at 9 O: Yay going to lishuen's house!x3
  3. Source for pianos!
  4. Research on singing institutions?
  5. Set a date to go visit MustardSeed!
  6. Lol show tingting fiona kellynn and co the dumb p6 video on thursday hahaha.
  7. Tidy up the study table (put away the pile of books and test papers on the left side -_-
  8. Read finish Pride and Prejudice and the other book I've borrowed :D
  9. Read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck!
  10. OH, complete linking people and the intro about myself here (:

Hms. I think that's all for now! Haha. It's the near future :D So I probably have to get most of it done by (TOMORROW?!) this weekend! Except the last three points, that is :D Okays, I think I am getting obsessed with posting! Because I like my blog skin hahahaha :D Okay lah bye!

Nites, outing at Lishuen's house tomorrow! :D And hopefully we'll be making frittatas :x We provide the ingredients!

I shall go read Rosario Vampire Chapter 25(? forgot :x) tomorrow or something! :D x3

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@ 8:45 PM
OKAY there is something wrong with blogger so I shall edit using a new post -_-
it's fatal familial insomnia! [fiona says :D]
and apparently people cannot get it from young cause the disease only starts to affect them in their forties. So it's not so sad anymore. but actually it's still quite sad o_o
and i really love this blogskin!(link below) but too bad, it's too emo, so i shall not use it :D cause i don't want this blog to be emo! haha :D but i still like it :D

and you know whats, I'm kinda irritated because apparently this skin doesn't allow me to enter twice -_-ll. Or maybe it's blogger's fault. ARGH. So that means that I can't leave lines. WTHEYY. so irritating much larhs! D<
sian D<
so now everyone has to read this huge chunk D: sigh.
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@ 6:08 PM
First post!
Hi people. This is really, really amazing, because I've decided to start blogging O: Using standard English. Okay fine I will not be able to accomplish that -_- But I'll try! And you all must allow me to blog using Singlish sometimes okay.
Oh no this is turning singlish. Oh well. Nvm :D ANYWAY, yes, I've decided to start blogging! Partially because it will help me pass some time while I have nothing else to do during the holidays :/ Haha I wonder how long this blog will last :D Eh you may be surprised kay. Maybe I'll suddenly develop a habit of blogging and (really) start blogging! :D We shall see hahaha.
Yay, going to Lishuen's house tomorrow! It is awesome because at least I've found something else to do instead of slacking and walking around at home, wasting my time away D< Speaking of which, I really want to start piano lessons soon! Yes, of course I'm taking the pop piano course :D I think I'd just waste my time again if I go by the grade 1 grade 2 grade 3 ~~ system. Seriously O: You can't even skip grades! I think I'd die :D Pop piano is like made for me! Cause that day after my mum and my bro (2nd bro) came back from swimming, they had a piece of news for me! (Okay, specifically my mum) She told me there were two courses, the grade one and the pop piano course :D I swear it exists for me :x cause only people of aged 14 years and above can take up the pop piano lessons! Awesome or what :D Haha. And so now I'm super excited! Oh but they only take in freshmen at the start of every month. (Heng ah, I thought my mum said at the start of every year wtf) So, I shall start in December! But oh wait, before that, I'd have to get a piano first(: Sigh, one of these days I shall go source for pianos! :D

(should I buy a secondhand or a firsthand piano?! D:)

And yay, today after school I went to eat ice cream with Sabrina, Fiona, Nicole and Cheryl! We went to macs after that and had a talk lol. You know, one of those talks. Yep, we talked about the usual stuff. Everyone's futures etc.. And Nicole brought up a very interesting point. You know, I realised that when we die, we may really just fade out of existence just like that! It's the same as when we sleep. When we sleep, we don't know what's going on. We don't even know what our bodies are doing... D: Dying may be the same as this! Just that we never wake up, and we never dream or come back to the world again..
Strangely enough, this comforts me somehow. I mean, if dying is like falling asleep for a really really long time, then it's not that out of the ordinary for us, right? We've already experienced falling asleep! (okay maybe except for people who had fatal insomnial disease [is it?] ever since they were born or something. sigh it's really quite sad for them.) So it won't be that freaky, right? Haha now I feel so much more serene.
By the way, I really don't know what I will be, or what I want to be. I have a dream, you know. I think most people would say that it is impractical/naive etc, but for some reason I think it would work out :D I shall not say out what I'm dreaming of for now! :D Anyway, other than that dream, I feel like living a life with no really stable job. I want to experience more while I still can :D Like what Nicole said again! Since life is so short, we should really experience all that we can to the maximum point(: Sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy (okay maybe that's not that good), and all the other emotions!
Now I'm in a really serene mood. I get into this mood once in a while, and I love this mood cause I really start to appreciate every single thing in this world. I appreciate the trees, the architecture, the creativeness of the human mind and everything else! Aiyo so sad today is the first time I've been in this mood since quite a long time ): But nvm :D At least I know there's still this side of myself that appreciates the goodness in everything! But usually this sense of wonder goes away the next day -_- Which is quite sad. Haha. Oh well. And after a while (a few days/weeks?), after a meaningful talk or whatever, it would come back :D I like this mood! <3

Hm. I realise that I've typed a lot already O: Shall go off to do something else right now! And not bore everyone with a super long post :D (even though this post is long enough already)

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